8th grader creates Premarin mare advocacy website

An Eighth-grader from Alabama contacted Animal Law Coalition to gather information about Premarin mares. Our young advocate had heard about the cruel conditions the mares were kept in while their urine was collected to make menopausal treatment drugs. This animal loving 8th grader asked all the right questions. They then asked how they could help […] [Read more…]

Protest APHIS Hiring of AKC Breeder

APHIS has hired a dog breeder as Canine Program Advisor, abandoning the training of its field staff, outreach and education and policy making to an AKC delegate. [Read more…]

Call on City of Seattle to Send Elephants to a Sanctuary

A growing body of scientific evidence supports the closing of all elephant exhibits at zoos and elsewhere. 27 zoos have closed or plan to close their elephant exhibits. It’s time for Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle to do the same. [Read more…]

Judge Rules Against the Elephants

Judge Rietschel ruled against the elephants in finding that the Woodland Park Zoo is not obligated to comply with the state’s Public Records Act and make information such as veterinary records for the elephants available to the public. The Plaintiff may appeal. [Read more…]

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