Animal Planet Works to Stop Hoarding

 Animal Planet network has aired a number of stories in its series about animal hoarding.  

Sara Jefferson, Researcher for the show, says "We are dedicated to finding comprehensive long-term solutions and believe therapy to be key to this. We bring in experts and have the resources to help both people and their pets. We have a full-time aftercare department – which helps find homes for the animals and tracks out participants, making sure they are attending their therapy appointments long after our cameras have stopped rolling.

"Of the 32 stories featured in our first season, pets were voluntarily relinquished in all but two. Thanks to the aftercare and ongoing therapy we provide, our recidivism rate has been near zero (as compared to nearly 100% when pets are forcibly removed).  Pretty remarkable.

The Animal Planet website contains extensive resources on hoarding. Or call 1-877-698-7387