AQHA Promotes Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption

Op-ed by R.T. Fitch, President, Wild Horse Preservation Federation 

AQHA Attempts to Manipulate Public with Misleading Alert

In what is a glaring public relations bombshell, the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) has issued a Action Alert under an unconscionable headline of "Don’t let our nation’s horses suffer any longer" where readers are asked to contact their elected officials to ensure that there will be no legislation passed which would "prevent the USDA from paying the salary of any employee to inspect horse processing facilities". In other words, they want to buck the law and bring bloody horse slaughter back to the United States.

The AQHA has been guilty, for years, of running and promoting a self-destructive and inhumane business model of breeding as many horses as possible and throwing away those that do not meet predetermined and distorted criteria.

Turning the horse industry into a throw away operation the horse slaughter plants, in Canada and Mexico, are today cruelly, slaughtering more Quarter Horses for human consumption abroad than they did when the foreign owned plants were open in the U.S.. The Action Alert is carefully crafted to avoid the mention of horse slaughter, which is opposed by more than 70% of the American population, and instead the alert refers to the bloody, predatory business as "horse processing".

Likewise there is the quiet assumption that horse slaughter is no longer present when in reality it is stronger than ever as the AQHA pumps tens of thousands of Quarter horses into the pipeline along with Thoroughbreds and other various breeds, including native American wild horses.

The alert calls for uninformed citizens to contact their Senators and plead to change the standing law while in reality the staff of SFTHH and the members of the Wild Horse Freedom Federation ask concerned citizens to contact the AQHA to express their outrage and disgust at such a despicable and underhanded action on the part of an Equine breeding association. Their motives are obvious and their intent is clear. Breedum up and throw em away.

Call the AQHA at: (806) 376-4811, which I have already done, and ask to speak to Ward Stutz, get ready for this, Senior Director of Breed Integrity who is allegedly responsible for this cruel and inhumane alert. Likewise you can email Mr. Stutz at

Email the AQHA at their site by going to

The Action Alert is printed here, but remember AQHA – you might be able to buff up your boots but you surely can’t polish a turd, and that’s exactly what you have tried to do!!!