China Bans Animal Performances at Zoos and Parks

The Chinese Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has issued a regulation requiring all animal performances at zoos and animal parks to end within 3 months.

The government is concerned that zoos and animal parks pursue profit at the expense of humane treatment of the animals. The government hopes the measure will encourage zoos to return to a non-profit status.There are also concerns about danger to the public from animals forced to perform. 

The ban comes just months after the release of a report by Hong-Kong based Animals Asia about the abuse suffered by animals in zoos and parks throughout China. For more including video footage ….

The ban does not apply to circuses.

The Chinese government also issued a list of "suggestions" for zoos and animal parks, urging them to abandon parctices that "go against the public good". The suggestions concerned better management of the animals, more humane treatment and care and a prohibition on eating wild animals in the restaurants affiliated with the zoo or park.

Isn’t it time the U.S. followed China’s example and banned at least animal performances, if not all exhibitions?  For more on laws in the  U.S. relating to animal performances and exhibitions….