City Council Upholds Veto of Proposal to Kill Dogs for Barking


Update Sept. 8, 2010:  The City Council of Lebanon, Tennessee upheld Mayor Philip Craighead’s veto of an ordinance allowing euthanasia of dogs thought to bark too much or which are otherwise a nuisance or deemed "dangerous". 


The deadly solution for dogs whose owners are negligent or even criminal was the brain child of City Council member William Farmer. 

Farmer claims pet owners will have an opportunity to correct the animal’s behavior. But it is the owner’s negligence that results in dogs expressing fear or distress through barking. It is the owner’s negligence that results in dogs running loose or biting, not the dog’s. As one resident put it, "They are going to kill a dog because the owner leaves him outside all the time on a chain and so he barks in frustration?"

4 thoughts on “City Council Upholds Veto of Proposal to Kill Dogs for Barking”

  1. Yet again, I am shaking my head in disgust and amazement that someone would actually even CONSIDER such a crime against an animal. I think that euthanizing the dog is the wrong area of consideration. What about the owner of the dog? Don’t they bear responsibility toward their pet? A dog has no alternative but to accept their fate: good or bad. They don’t have a choice. Their owner’s do. But, again, it will be the defenseless animal that will bear the pain of this cruel, senselss “fix” to the “problem.” Do not let this happen. Do not override the mayor’s veto of this ordinance. You know it’s the right thing to do.,

  2. This idea is Rediculous!!! Put a dog down for barking?
    Ok let’s put out a senario. Dog barks incessantly because of prowlers, someone complains, dog removed, someone is burglarized or worse crime committed. Maybe police need to investigate further. Is illegal activity going on other than prowlers? Is a person in trouble that the dog is alerting someone to?
    Not to mention taking someones beloved pet just because of a neighbor dispute which is common.. I know because this is what I do for a living.. There are other ways of dealing with this issue. Does the person who thought this law up haye dogs?

  3. I agree with Anonymous on september 3rd who said “euthanasia William Farmer” instead. What about screaming children, shall we euthanasia them too.

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