Colorado Governor Signs Bill to End Factory Farming Abuses

Update May 16, 2008: Governor Bill Ritter has now signed this landmark bill!

Original report: Colorado has become the fourth state along with Florida, Arizona and Oregon to ban gestation crates for pregnant pigs.  It has become the second state along with Arizona to make it illegal to keep veal calves in too small enclosures.

S.B. 201 has now passed both the Colorado House and Senate and has been sent to Governor Bill Ritter for signature.

The new law will require that veal calves and pregnant pigs must be kept in enclosures large enough for them to "stand up, lie down and turn around".  Veal calves must be provided this space until slaughter, and pregnant pigs until 12 days prior to giving birth.

The use of tiny enclosures for veal calves must be phased out by 2012, and gestation crates for pregnant pigs by 2018.

There are 150,000 breeding pigs in Colorado. There is no veal industry as of yet in the state.

For more on the upcoming California ballot initiative to end these factory farming practices as well as the use of battery cages for egg laying hens, click here.  Also, click here for more on these abuses and their effect on these animals.

S.B. 201 was introduced by Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Jim Isgar and House Agriculture Committee Chair Kathleen Curry.  Click here for a copy of the bill.

Colorado Agriculture Commissioner John Stulp has agreed to continue discussions with the Humane Society of the United States about ending use of battery cages for egg laying hens.