Corolla Wild Horses Protection Act

Update Feb. 6, 2012: The Corolla Wild Horses Protection Act, H.R. 306, passed the House of Representatives today on a voice vote! For more on this bill, read Animal Law Coalition’s report below. 

Original report: H.R. 306, the Corolla Wild Horses Protection Act, would require the Secy. of Interior to enter into an agreement with the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, the County of Currituck, North Carolina, and the State of North Carolina "to provide for management of free-roaming wild horses in and around the Currituck National Wildlife Refuge:

      The agreement shall– (A) allow a herd of not less than 110 free-roaming wild horses in and around such refuge, with a target population of between 120 and 130 free-roaming wild horses; 
      (B) provide for cost-effective management of the horses while ensuring that natural resources within the refuge are not adversely impacted; and
      (C) provide for introduction of a small number of free-roaming wild horses from the herd at Cape Lookout National Seashore as is necessary to maintain the genetic viability of the herd in and around the Currituck National Wildlife Refuge…..
        (1) the Secretary finds that the presence of free-roaming wild horses on a portion of the Refuge threatens the survival of an endangered species for which such land is designated as critical habitat under the Endangered Species Act of 1973 (16 U.S.C. 1531 et seq.);
        (2) such finding is based on a credible peer-reviewed scientific assessment; and
        (3) the Secretary provides a period of public notice and comment on that finding.
            (1) with the approval of the Foundation; and
            (2) consistent with the terms of such memorandum (or any successor agreement) and the Management Plan for the Shackleford Banks Horse Herd signed in January 2006 (or any successor management plan).
      • Requirements for Introduction of Horses From Cape Lookout National Seashore- During the effective period of the memorandum of understanding between the National Park Service and the Foundation for Shackleford Horses, Inc. (a non-profit corporation organized under the laws of and doing business in the State of North Carolina) signed in 2007, no horse may be removed from Cape Lookout National Seashore for introduction at Currituck National Wildlife Refuge except–  

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