Fulton County Joins the Anti-Chaining Movement

chained dogThe new anti-tethering ordinance is set to go into effect Sept. 4, 2009 in Fulton County, the Atlanta area of Georgia. 

The ordinance bans all unattended chaining. Dogs may be temporarily restrained as long as the owner or keeper is present.  Any chain or tether used to restrain a dog temporarily must be attached to a well-fitted collar and must not be "excessively heavy or weighted" so as to interfere with the dog’s movements.

A copy of the ordinance is below. For alternatives, consider bringing your dog inside or installing fencing.  For further information, contact Fulton County Animal Services or Dogs Deserve Better.   

Go here for information about why tethering or chaining is inhumane and even dangerous.

The Ordinance 

Section 34-205(b) of the Fulton County Code of Ordinances is hereby amended to add the following new subparagraphs:

(5) It shall be unlawful for the owner, custodian, or harborer of any dog to restrain or anchor such animal by means of a tether. Notwithstanding the prior sentence, a dog may be temporarily restrained by means of a tether while the dog is attended by its owner, custodian, or harborer.

(6) Any tether used to temporarily confine a dog while attended by its owner, custodian, or harborer as provided in subsection (5′), above, must be attached to a properly fitted collar or harness and shall not be wrapped directly around the dog’s neck. Such tethers shall not be excessively heavy or weighted to inhibit the dog’s movement.