Horse Slaughter in Mexico’s San Bernabe Market

HorsesFrom the Anti-Fur Society:

Extreme brutality is used in slaughtering horses in Mexico – in particular the Market of San Bernabe.  Horses – former pet horses – young, old, sick, healthy, stolen, pregnant mares…none are sacred!   Most people do not know the torture inflicted upon these intelligent creatures.  It is the ultimate betrayal to those which so trust and love us. 

"A brief description of the horse slaughter in Mexico’s San Bernabe: ‘The American mare swung her head frantically when the door to the kill box shut, trapping her inside. A worker jabbed her in the back with a small knife seven, eight, nine times. Eyes wild, she lowered her head and raised it as the blade punctured her body around the withers, again and again. At the 10th jab, she fell to the floor of this Mexican slaughterhouse, bloodied and paralyzed but not yet dead. She would lie there two minutes before being hoisted upside down from a chained rear leg so her throat could be slit and she could bleed to death.’"  

For more information, please click here and watch the video below and at the following links to see the suffering Mexican and U.S. horses endure before becoming delicacies overseas.

The San Bernabe Market is located in Almoloya de Juarez, in the State of Mexico. Almoloya de Juarez is a small "town", with a population of around 135,000 people. The State of Mexico holds 25% of  the  population in Mexico (country), that is why it  is  one of the most important and powerful  states  of the Mexican Republic. Taking advantage of its natural resources, such as rivers, forests, typical gastronomy, the Government of the State of Mexico, is launching tourism campaigns, saying, would you like to visit this State? They start by going to the San Bernabe Market where one can buy  typical food,  vegetables,  among other things. It is a very well known place of reunion for the Almoloya de Juarez inhabitants and for the  livestock farmers. It is where horses, mules and donkeys are slaughtered in the most brutal manner possible.

Click here and here for more information.

Also, in clandestine slaughterhouses, all over Mexico, donkeys, mules and horses are killed by hitting them on their heads with a hammer.

There are only two official slaughterhouses for horses in Mexico, controlled by the Secretariat of Agriculture and Livestock (SAGARPA), in Fresnillo, State of Zacatecas and Jerez, State of Zacatecas.  In these slaughterhouses the animals die less violently. 


Please write or call members of Congress and urge them to pass the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act, H.R. 503/S.B. 311 to stop the sale and transport of American horses across state lines and U.S. borders for slaughter for human consumption. Click here for more information and how you can reach members of Congress.

This is the only way to stop the horrifically cruel slaughter of American horses.

Click here for more on the Anti-Fur Society’s struggle to stop the brutality to horses, donkeys and mules in Mexican slaughterhouses.


10 thoughts on “Horse Slaughter in Mexico’s San Bernabe Market”

  1. that is horrible what they are doing to those horses i was very upset by that. This should stop

  2. Actually, the real animal cruelty comes from not allowing horses to be slaughtered. Not only are we harming the horses in the long run, we are affecting the horse market too. Horses sell for a fraction of what they once did, due the the fact the animal rights activists have ended the slaughter houses. And those stories of slaughter houses in Mexico would never have happened if we still had our slaughter houses open here. The real question is, how many horses would of been saved from neglect and torture if they had been able to stay in the United States to be slaughtered.

  3. Actually, horse slaughter is animal cruelty, including and especially as it operated in the U.S.  There is no increase in abandoned or neglected horses because of the closure of the slaughterhouses. You can’t show me a single instance where that is the case. Horses are slaughtered not because they are neglected or abandoned but to satisfy a market demand in other countries for horsemeat. If everyone stopped eating horsemeat tomorrow, there would be no more interest in slaughter houses.

  4. FACT; Horses seem to be in abundance right now because of the ECONOMY not because of animal activist. People are losing their jobs, homes and every other belonging SO it only goes to show that these people are not able to take care of themselves let alone their horses. Should the horse(s) have to go to slaughter because their owners fell on hard times, ABSOLUTELY NOT… What a BETRAYAL… This is not an emotional issue: this issue deals with moral issues. One (1) what kind of person actual takes enjoyment out of watching these animals suffer (2) how much money do you want to put in the pockets of the foreigners (3) Laws have been made to protect the horses yet those in position to do so have NOT enforced them (4) By Montana adding that no one can take any action without being liable financial is literal suicide, USDA or even our own governments hands will be tied.
    These Belgium companies are not stupid and have the money to back their demands, yet it’s our country, state, cities that are being given the black eye. These slaughter plants cause problems with sewer issues, screams that echoe thru-out the neighborhoods, horrendous smells from rotting flesh; shall I go on…
    Who cares about the market value. Their is more at stake here than just YOUR pocketbook. Where are the morals this country was founded on? LIFE means nothing any more. The only thing that seems to matter is “ME”… Quote: “what do you call it when you start exchanging morals for money = prostition!!!”
    May I suggest that all of you that want horse slaughter take your beloved horse and follow them the whole path to the very end when they are hosted up and see if you still consider this HUMANE… I hate to be so graphic but some people just don’t get it without having to experience it.
    Horses do have feelings just like people. They feel pain, GREAT FEAR which is their fright or flight instinct, they mourn for their foals when taken from them. Oh but they are just an animal… Wrong…
    These horses are so sensitive that is why they are used in therapy for children with mental and emotional handicapps, for our veterans who need to regain their confidence and well as coordination, women, children as well as men who have been mentally, emotionally and physically abused. These horses sense what each individual needs and meets that need. Yes there are some horses that don’t fit well in this setting but that doesn’t mean that they don’t feel pain…

  5. I cried my eyes out when I seen this video! So sad! Its cruel what they do to these horses! It would be completely different if it was humane,but its not! That is something that no one or animal should have to go through!

  6. Would anyone know WHERE in Mexico one can go to rescue these horses before going………I’ve read about many people who belong to rescue organizations being able to buy or rescue a horse from feedlots. Because of all the hard work and lobbying of these caring people, many slaughter houses have shut down in the US, however, that doesn’t stop the “meat buyers” at horse auctions, because those horses just end up across the border in Mexico. So does anybody know where they are located?Maybe I could actually help out somehow, hey if it worked in the States……all we need is one person to start the ball rolling.

  7. Oh please don’t give me this cock and bull story about how we should allow horse slaughter here in the US because we are harming the horses, you pretty much said it with the next line “we are effecting the horse market too. Horses sell for a fraction of what they used to” $$$$$ horses suffered here at slaughter to. The ball had to start rolling somewhere. When the act is passed that we donot deport them for slaughter, that will take care of that!
    The price of horses is what is really in your craw. Last year the AQHA registered way over a 100,000 horses. They support slaughter, you bet they do. Lines their pockets with fee’s.
    Stop over breeding!! You disgust me.

  8. oh my gosh i could beat the $@i* out of the slaughter house workers if i wanted to and i probably would. i am starting my own organization for anti-horse slaughter everywhere. it will be called AHS. i will have the website up and running very soon

  9. Once slaughter of horses ends for good, the price of horses will balance out, there just won’t be the need to breed excess. True ecomomic principles will take over the market. Supply and demand…so simple…

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