Horse Slaughter: Truth and Deception

U.S. horses have never been raised for human consumption. However, due to the foreign demand for horse flesh for wealthy diners in Europe and Asia, America’s horses have been bought, stolen or acquired under false pretenses by the foreign-owned horse slaughter industry for the mass killing of our horses for a foreign market. Due to having a vested interest in the deceptive trade, which promotes and contributes to the export of tens of thousands of America’s horses for slaughter, companies and special interest associations that support the ruthless industry continually deceive the media by giving biased statements, which are untruthful and unsubstantiated. They also take part in actions that misrepresent the truth by means of actively opposing federal legislation, and by attempting to mislead the public and members of Congress with false claims.  

Visit this link to read this comprehensive, timely and very informative white paper from AAHS.