How You Can Support Logan’s Law and Stop Devocalization in Your State

Demi, a devocalized dogLogan’s Law, the law that bans devocalization of dogs and cats went into effect in Massachusetts this week!

USA Today, Reuters, the Boston Herald,, Metrowest Daily News,, and the, among others, have covered the new law. Opponents, typically commercial breeders and research labs, have made comments following these articles, spreading disinformation about devocalization. There is also a poll!   

Take the poll and leave comments in support of the new law. Even if you don’t live in Massachusetts, you can weigh in anyway on the cruelty of devocalization!

Go here to learn how you can join Animal Law Coalition and the grass roots Coalition to Protect and Rescue Pets in a campaign to ban devocalization of dogs and cats in others states and also help pass a federal bill, H.R. 5422, that would give money to states that ban devocalization that can be used for animal welfare programs.  

Take 2 Minutes to Post for Animals–

Without Your Voice, They Have None!

The law is named for Logan, a proud show dog whose breeder had his vocal cords cut to stifle his voice–then dumped him when he stopped winning blue ribbons. Gayle Fitzpatrick rescued Logan and told a crowd at a rally in Boston on July 21 to celebrat the new law, "Logan didn’t deserve this. No animal does. I am grateful to the Legislature and Coalition to Protect and Rescue Pets for banning this cruelty, and honored that the law was named for our Logan. You have given him back the voice that was stolen from him in life."devocalized dog


What to Say–In Your Words.

  • Cutting vocal cords to suppress a dog or cat’s voice is cruel.
  • It does NOT prevent abandonment or euthanasia–good people who choose, care for and train their animals responsibly and humanely do.
  • Massachusetts state legislators are to be commended for their compassion and vision.
  • All states should ban the selfish, greedy and cruel practice of devocalization.

So Who Would Devocalize a Dog or Cat Anyway?

Devocalization is almost always ordered by those who keep many animals for profit or hobby. Breeders and sled-dog racers order it when they–or authorities–won’t tolerate the sound of their many animals. Show dog exhibitors order it to keep dogs quiet in the ring or in transit between shows. Research labs don’t want to hear the animals they are using for experiments.

Some veterinarians profit from this cruel convenience surgery.

Devocalizing does not mean an animal is less likely to be abandoned or surrendered Just the opposite.  The Coalition to Protect and Rescue Pets says, "Nearly all the devocalized dogs we’ve found were adopted after their breeders, who ordered the surgery, dumped them."

Devocalization can require multiple surgeries if tissue grows back. It also results in scar tissue and can mean health complications for the animal. Owners who do this to their animals are more likely to get rid of them if there are too many costly surgeries or health problems.

Devocalization does not address the underlying behavior that may be causing the barking or crying. The reason for the barking or crying, whether fear, boredom, stress, will continue and escalate, and a devocalized dog or cat may act out in other ways, including by biting, and as a result, end up in the pound.  

Shame on these selfish, cruel people… the vets who devocalize for them…and the veterinary associations lobbying against humane laws that would protect dogs and cats from this cruelty. Would you entrust your best friend to a vet who sanctions medically unnecessary surgery?

Meet devocalized dogs:

Hear what animal experts say:

5 thoughts on “How You Can Support Logan’s Law and Stop Devocalization in Your State”

  1. This article is right on the money. Training and exercise will correct ANY bad behavior that a dog has. Throwing money at the problem, while not finding a solution is very counter-productive, and the animals end up in rescue, shelters, pounds anyway.

    This is a cruel surgery, and it has no logical reason to be allowed, other than people who are taking advantage of the animals.

  2. Humans are the most cruelist of all mammals on Earth. What is next? You people should all be ashamed of yourselves. You will meet and stand before God some day and you better pray he forgives you which I am sure you will be punished, like you have punished these dogs and cats for just being alive. We are suppose be people from a great Naion but I find this not to be true!

    There is still time to do the right thing and stop this horrible act of cruelty.

  3. Only humans can come up with something like this. I am beginning to feel ashamed for only humans can stop it. Thank you for all you are doing. The power of sending off a message to our family and friends is in our hands.

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