IL County Offers Amputation to Entice Adopters

catIn a move that astonished and angered pet owners and animal welfare advocates, Macon County, Illinois approved by a unanimous vote a plan to offer to declaw cats and remove the dewclaws of dogs that are adopted from the public shelter. 

The charges will be $125 for cats and $50 for dogs.

One county official, Joe McGlaughlin, was quoted as saying "a vast number of cats" would not be adopted unless they are declawed. McGlaughlin offered no source or support for this comment. 

A number of California cities have banned declawing of cats because of the cruelty. There is currently pending in California a bill that would prohibit landlords from requiring tenants to declaw pets or discriminating against tenants or potential tenants for not declawing cats.

Declawing is not cutting a cat’s nails. It is major surgery, the amputation of a joint of each toe, bones and all.

This can mean complications including infections, nerve damage, bone chips, and as time passes, weakening of leg, back and shoulder muscles and impaired balance. The nails might regrow abnormally inside the paw, causing pain.

Cats need their claws. They are defenseless without them. Declawing can cause them to suffer neurosis and bladder problems and skin conditions. In fact, declawed cats tend to avoid litter boxes. All of this means it may be more likely the cat will end up abandoned or in a shelter. Besides, declawing is simply cruel. Go here for more information. 

A study published in the J Am Vet Med Assoc. concluded declawing nearly doubles the risk a cat will end up in a public shelter. That is because of the behavior and bladder or other health issues caused by declawing.

Macon County officials said they were also concerned that a cat with its claws intact might scratch an elderly person. A county government is taking on the task of protecting pet owners from scratches? Sure, an elderly person, a young person, anyone who adopts a cat might get scratched now and then. But, hey, here’s a risk: A declawed cat might urinate all over that elderly person who might suffer backstrain in trying to clean up the mess.  What will the county officials offer to help in that situation? 

The point is surely animal cruelty should not be an option. By the way, has anyone in the Macon County government heard of claw caps or looked into the products to protect people – and things – from cat scratches? It might be worth some time. 

One thought on “IL County Offers Amputation to Entice Adopters”

  1. Despite many of us in the UK emailing the people in power,to back up the USA people against this plan, they have still approved this pre-meditated cruelty.
    We have pointed out the physical and mental suffering declawing a cat causes him and explained that cats feel pain just as much as dogs do, the only difference being that cats are more stoic.What a pity they hide their pain, that they don’t howl like dogs to draw attention to their plight.
    Cats need their claws equally as much as dogs do. Yet any suggestion that dogs be declawed for the sake of frail people, which is the excuse being used to declaw cats, would be looked upon with shock and horror !
    Too many cats are suffering already, if someone wants a declawed cat, let them give a home to one already crippled by this operation.
    Declawing needs to be banned …..

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