Justice for Tammy: Watch and Listen to the Tribute to a Hero!

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Doogie and TammyUpdate February 22, 2008: Judge Elizabeth Doyle sentenced Tammy Grimes to 300 hours of community service and one year of probation. Oh, and Tammy must pay the costs of the trial, $1700.

Judge Doyle ordered the community service must be provided to a "people organization".  And, Tammy must pay the cost of community service, whatever that means, but the total will be around $1500.

Judge Doyle has also said Tammy must remove everything related to Doogie from websites she controls. The judge said Tammy cannot profit from the sale of materials that refer to Doogie. Tammy is the founder of the 501c3 non-profit, Dogs Deserve Better, http://www.dogsdeservebetter.org/

Judge Doyle added that Tammy was not Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King, Jr, that she is a disgrace to her cause and her supporters. The judge did say two wrongs don’t make a right, so maybe she is admitting the Arnolds’ treatment of Doogie was wrong. Actually, it was criminal.

District Attorney Richard Consiglio who has been criticized for wasting taxpayers’ money by pursuing the charges against Tammy, chimed in that her saving Doogie was a "publicity stunt". He said the Arnolds were victim of her "lies". Consiglio claimed Tammy showed "disrespect for the law".  Actually, Consiglio has showed an ongoing disrespect for the law in his refusal to enforce animal cruelty laws.  

Tammy’s lawyer has said he will appeal the potential First Amendment violation in the order to remove all Doogie-related information from the internet. He might also want to appeal the judge’s comment that because Tammy chose to go to trial, she should be required to pay the costs. The 6th Amendment frowns on retaliation for exercising the right to a jury.  

A really tough day for Tammy. Our heart goes out to her and all the chained dogs she works tirelessly to save.. Tammy is one of the heros of the animal welfare movement. But most people won’t recognize that until it becomes more mainstream to treat animals as living sentient beings with rights.  That’s also how it was for Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr.

     Doogie suffering on the ground                                  To get a pardon for Tammy Grimes, it will help to contact these legislators:

Click on the names of state representatives for Blair County below and contact them and urge them to recommend a pardon for Tammy Grimes who was convicted of theft and receiving stolen property for rescuing a dying dog on the end of a chain:

Rep. Jerry Stern  

Rep. Mike Fleck

Rep. Richard A. Geist

State Senator for Blair County, PA, Dist. 30, John H. Eichelberger, jeichelberger@pasen.gov 

Senate Box 203030, 460 Main Capitol, Harrisburg, PA 17120-3030 or 309 Allegheny Street, Hollidaysburg, PA 16648
(814) 695-8386 or  (717) 787-5490
FAX: (717) 783-5192

Sen. Arlen Specter 

Sen. Bob Casey      

Rep. Bill Shuster        

Click here to contact Governor Ed Rendell and urge him to pardon Tammy. Please be polite! 

Click here to sign the Petition to Governor Rendell, asking him to pardon Tammy Grimes.

Doogie after rescueFrom Tammy Grimes: 

On December 14, 2007, I was convicted of theft and receiving stolen property for coming to the aid of this dog, who lay chained, unable to stand, and suffering in an East Freedom, Pennsylvania backyard.

Despite overwhelming evidence of cruelty on the part of the dog’s caretakers, no charges were ever brought against them by either the humane officer or the police. A private criminal complaint filed by myself and Dogs Deserve Better languishes unaddressed on the desk of DA Richard Consiglio.

Both video evidence of the dog struggling to get up and after-photos and video of the dog walking were suppressed from the jury. These videos are currently available for viewing on YouTube and our site.

I am to be sentenced by Judge Elizabeth Doyle on February 22, 2008. I am expected to receive a fine and/or community service, as well as probation for this supposed crime. I am morally and ethically unable and unwilling to pay any fine that goes to pay the salaries of those who use power wrongly; those who punish citizens for helping animals and allow animal abusers to go free will not receive monetary support from me.

The District Attorney,  Richard Consiglio, has taken flack in the opinion columns of local newspapers for wasting Blair County taxpayer money on my trial. His solution? To charge ME for the cost of the trial, reported to be over $1000. He expects me to pay costs for a jury who knew nothing of jury nullification, and knew not that they were free to exercise their own judgment based on their consciences rather than follow the advice of those in power just because they said they had to. They were therefore railroaded into a conviction by the actions of the DA Consiglio and Judge Doyle.

It is not enough for Mr. Consiglio to drag my name and the name of Dogs Deserve Better through the mud in order to distract our citizens from the fact that cruelty laws were already being broken, and that the humane officer and the police failed to do their jobs. He would have me foot the bill for it. As a taxpayer of Blair County, Pennsylvania, I have already contributed my share to this trial. I will contribute no more.

As founder and director of Dogs Deserve Better, I do community service virtually ever day of my life. If fact, I was performing community service the day I picked an aged and dying dog out of the mud and got him the veterinary care he was entitled to by law.

I am a law-abiding citizen of both Pennsylvania and the United States of America. I have served my country as a top-secret cleared linguist in the U. S. Air Force, reaching the rank of Staff Sergeant at my first available opportunity, and honorably discharged in 1988. I strive very hard to obey all laws that seem fair and do not cause harm to others. I stop short of obeying any law that would force me to watch a dog die in the dirt, just because he is considered mere property of another. I will continue to fight for better laws for man’s best friend, as well as shine a light on the current lack of enforcement of existing cruelty laws.

This dog was not just another piece of trash that a Pennsylvania couple could allow to die unassisted, chained, and flailing about in the mud and his own feces in their yard. Doogie had the right to live or the right to a death free from cruelty, and the right to veterinary help by Pennsylvania law.

It is incumbent upon Blair County voters to remove from office anyone who by their actions or inactions condones animal cruelty and abuse and punishes those who seek to help these animals. This includes Judge Elizabeth Doyle and DA Richard Consiglio.

Martin Luther King, Jr. stated that "noncooperation with evil is just as much a moral obligation as is cooperation with good." And Thoreau stated "Under a government which imprisons unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison…where the state places those who are not with her, but against her-the only house in a slave state in which a free man or woman can abide with honor."

The only way for me to maintain a clear conscience is to choose prison as punishment for my crime. I hereby request that Judge Doyle jail me for however many days I should be imprisoned for the taking of a piece of property who’s value, while stated in the misdemeanor charges at 0-$50, after vet fees was more like negative $960.65. However, as one of our supporters said, Doogie’s freedom from abuse and restoration to health was truly more valuable than any precious gem; it was indeed priceless.

Click here for more information about this case.

Click here to view this statement on YouTube.  Also visit http://tammygrimes.blogspot.com/2008/02/grimes-requests-jailtime-for-her.html

What Else You Can Do 

Don’t let Tammy’s efforts be in vain. Help pass Pennsylvania bill, H.B. 1065 which restricts the tethering and chaining of dogs. Click here for more information about that bill and how you can help pass it.

Go to Dogs Deserve Better, http://www.dogsdeservebetter.org/ for more information on the cruelty of tethering or chaining dogs.  Also, click here for talking points when writing or talking with legislators about why they should vote yes on H.B. 1065 to restrict the tethering or chaining of dogs.


121 thoughts on “Justice for Tammy: Watch and Listen to the Tribute to a Hero!”

  1. Obviously you are not a law biding citizen. As you admit, you were convicted of stealing a dog. There is no law that would require you to watch a dog die in the dirt. You had numerous other options that were legal, in obtaining assistance for a dog YOU believed was in distress. The police gave you an opportunity to comply with the law even after you stole the dog, and you refused. You knew what you were doing. You chose not to follow the law. Instead you took the law into your own hands. I see no injustice here. You should go to jail.

    A Blair County dog owner

  2. It seems to me that the way Ms. Grimes went about her “saving” of the dog, posting video on line, and making this into a national circus should profit her very well, in monetary contributions to her organization “Dogs Deserve Better” and too her defense. As they say no publicity is bad publicity, and she has thus far received plenty with this. It appears quite easy to make an online contribution of anywhere from $15 to $1000, and she even will do monthly contributions!!!

    The whole event has, however become old news since her conviction in December. Rather than just accepting her punishment for her conviction and paying whatever fine she is given, she is now going to get the whole thing back in the news by making a mountain out of a molehill and insisting she be jailed. I guess thats the only way to get the interest of the people back and the contributions rolling again. Sounds like a scam to me!!

  3. The fact that most moderate animal welfare organizations such as the National Animal Interest Alliance and the Central Pennsylvania Humane Society have distanced themselves from Ms. Grimes and her organization makes me wonder if you are not correct concerning her desire to go to jail. If such reputable organizations are not supporting her vigilantism, one must examine motives. If she is so dedicated and her motives are to help dogs, why doesn’t she just take her medicine and get back to her work. Insisting on going to jail instead of paying a fine can only have one purpose, more publicity!

  4. Your statements are so absurd! I noticed that everyone that posted ridiculous replies signed anonymously! OBVIOUSLY MORON, the OWNERS are not law abiding citizens either.They are MONSTERS and should be the ones punished!!!

  5. I would like to say that what Tammy Grimes did as to being the right thing….was nothing short of heroic….I am also appalled that police and animal rights chose to look the other way when they observed this animal being mistreated, abused and neglected….
    In my oppinion Tammy saw a wrong and did what she had to do to make it right. Last I knew animal cruelty was against the law and in most states ..punishment for such behaviour is punishable….I guess Pennsylvania doesnt think that it has to follow laws…maybe they have thier own..and can change at will…I believe that all charges should be dropped against Tammy Grimes and charges be placed on the owners who chose to neglect and mistreat this animal who has ever right to live a happy and healthy life free of mistreatment and abuse……
    The Judge should be ashamed of herself as should the police and animal control officers who chose to look the other way when abuse and neglect are clearly shown….
    These people should be judged the same way.
    In my oppinion the only just and right thing to do is pardon Tammy Grimes and charge the owners with abuse, neglect and mistreatment of this animal …and any others that cross her desk ..to not turn her head when injustice and abuse show thier ugly face….
    The ones who should be jailed and charged is the owners who have left this animal to die in the mud in his own feces…how cruel is that…..Im absolutely appalled and disgusted by such injustice!!!
    Beth E David

  6. And who really cares if she’s looking for more publicity? Why wouldn’t anyone want more publicity for their causes? That’s what anyone with any organization wants & needs. Give me a break with this, people. A woman saved a dog & works toward better treatment of animals every day. Her organization is getting attention & with more donations she can help more animals. Get over yourselves & accept the fact that there are people in the world better than you and with hearts that are in the right place no matter what.

  7. It seems that whenever a fanatic, who is in the wrong has this pointed out to them, they result in name calling. Tammy Grimes did not follow the law. She broke it. There is no argument about that. Your calling the individual who pointed this out a ‘Moron” only further demonstrates that fanatics and vigilantes who take the law into their own hands have no consept of the law. It was right that the District Attorney prosecutes such people, under the law!

    By the way, I noticed the name caller also didn’t post his/her name. Not that there is any reason to, however, if that individual feels that is a prerequisite for posting, then they should retract their statement, and the name calling.

  8. Yes why wouldn’t she want publicity to get lots of people to send her money. I’m sure that she has the purest of motives and would never use such national publicity to her advantage and make money off of it. What’s next emails from Nigeria asking for money to help dogs.

    Please do send her lots of your money. By the way I got some swampland for sale!!

  9. You may be appalled, but Tammy Grimes is a convicted criminal. SHE BROKE THE LAW!!!!!! Many of us don’t like many different laws, but we all understand that if we break them we get punished and go to jail. It was her choice to do so, and she if she does it again, she should get punished for that too. The fact that you are appalled is irrelevant!

  10. Wow, you know its true. I just checked the Dogs Deserve Better web page and right after all the how I saved this dog who was being treated with such cruelty pictures and stories, there is the “please send money!! just click here!!” link.

  11. That’s why the rest of us lobby to change laws, that some moron put in place. If you can’t see the injustice in this case, and the faultyness of the law, shut up!! Don’t even speak! We don’t need drones like yourself that just plod along eating the bull drivel these politicians doll out!

  12. If you took the time to do any research instead of critisizing you would have found out that DDB is a charity. They don’t “make” money for themselves, they raise funds to change laws, better the conditions of chained dogs, do rescue. Things the rest of you should be doing instead of sitting in your hole of a basement, typing critisisms of others who are doing all the work. Stay in your hole and find another board to post on…one that acts like they care what you say.

  13. Your dog wil be next, louser.
    The cops did nothing, as they usually do… the ACO did nothing, as they usually do and the fat lazy neighbors did nothing.
    Thank God for people like Tammy Grimes!
    Now go take care of your dog..or he will be next!

  14. Al you lazy people who sit on your duffs and call people like Grimes a criminal, a law breaker, seem to forget the history of this country. We the people are the ones in charge here. WE make the laws and laws are made to be broken and changed when we become enlightened enough to realize that the laws just were not that great to begin with.
    ANYONE who could possibly stand by and watch an animal suffer, needs to be prosecuted. It is our resonsibility, every last one of us, to prevent cruelties and injustices from occuring. We don’t have to take it! We elect these “MORONS” that we call politicians and we can vote them out. It’s time to change things. We haven’t done a very good job of it up to now so maybe by NOT standing by and feeding into the laziness , we can effect a change.
    Shame on you for defending anyone or any law that does not protect ourselves, our children or our sentient animals.

  15. I weep at the level of commitment Tammy is displaying by refusing to pay this fine and I applaud her for it; instead of taking the easy way out, she chooses to stand up to the injustice that continues in this case. She is brave and she is strong and she is my hero and will be for all us in the rescue community!
    I am honored to share this planet with this courageous woman. The District Attorney, Richard Consiglio and Judge Doyle should be ashamed in this case. WHY HAVE THE ABUSERS NOT BEEN PROSECUTED?? WHY WERE THEY NOT HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR CRIMES OF ANIMAL CRUELTY!!??
    Tammy Grimes quotes Martin Luther King and the quote is profoundly appropriate.
    I will quote Elie Wiesel:

    Jennifer Pryor

  16. It seems to me that leaving this poor dog chained and not even allowed to scrounge for food and water is a criminal offense. Why would the owners not feed her or find a decent home for her? That’s a slow drawn out painful death!!! Talk about Animal Cruelty!!! The owner/owners should have been arrested. I agree she should have called the Animal Control to come see about the dog…..BUT definitly not arrested. If she did, in fact make that call with no satisfactory response, I probably would have done the same thing! However in our state the sheriff’s office will go check the owners and dog’s condition. Thank God for people that care about those situations. Several homes have had the sheriff’s officers confiscate not only the ill animals but the rest on that property. They’re then taken to a shelter, cleaned up, fed and place for adoption. Many taken into private homes that agree to shelter them until a proper home is found for them. If people mistreat animals, 99% of them also abuse their own children and families.
    If any of you are planning to move to Pa. DON’T!

  17. what is wrong with this world.what is wrong with you people in pa.this woman should be commended.seems to me these judges have there own agenda.i hope these are elected positions maybe then you can get them out of office.my advice is to band together and pray god is not going to let people like this have the last say……

  18. I agree with her making a mountain out of a molehill. She saved the dog GREAT she got charges OK PAY THE FINE AND SHUT UP. Sheesh and ANYONE with ANY BRAINS would know she’s only got to get a fine if it’s her first offense especially with those charges and that value amount. MY Baby is dying of severe health problems and Tammy’s problem is worse…I highly doubt it…Thank god 2 more days and its over.



  20. I also am a Blair County dog owner. You say that there is no law requiring her to watch a dog die in the dirt. So like the majority of the rest of the county, move on – out of sight out of mind. That’s how I will choose to deal with YOU and your children (God forbid you spawned any apathetic children)…as for the dog you state you own, he/she is welcome in my HOUSE (not chained outside) and can live their lives as pampered pets…as God intended.

  21. Maybe someday you will be in a position where I can save your life by breaking the law. If I choose to, what kind of criminal will you think I am? I don’t know why I feel that the dog Tammy saved is more grateful then you would ever be, just a hunch. If what you are saying is so right then why can’t you even leave your name?

  22. Excuse me, I’m sorry for your troubles but since you have time to comment here I’m going to comment back. There are charities & health care help EVERYWHERE to help kids. Nobody helps animals. How would you like it if someone said “just pay all the money to go the the best doctor in some foreign country? big deal, you want the helo so pay the money!” Not too good, I bet.

  23. Obviously you live with your head in the sand. You must think if you don’t see it then it isn’t happening. When there is an animal in need of help you only have 2 chioces – help or don’t help. The cops & animal officials don’t always do thier jobs obviously since they were called. They don’t seem like law abiding citizens to me!

  24. I would like to know why there are so many people out there that feel it’s ok to walk away from the site of an animal dying. It’s not ok if it’s a human being, especially a baby or a child. A baby can’t speak and tell you it’s being abused. It can’t get up and walk away especially if it’s chained to something. How is an animal any different? The laws have to change and if the only way to get change is to break the law I’d do it too. And to the person that wrote “who cares, she broke the law” I’d feel very sorry for your soul; if you had one.

  25. Do you not acknowledge that the owners of Doogie broke the law as well?! There are laws against the abuse and neglect of an animal. How can you justify the enforcement of one law over another? If Tammy was going to be prosecuted for breaking the law by taking Doogie from his owners, then should the owners not also be prosecuted for abusing and neglecting him as well?

  26. That statement may be correct but its only true based on a technicality. What of the criminal act of starving a dog and denying veterinary care? With that in mind, please tell me who the real criminal is here. I would do exactly what Tammy did in the same situation.

    ~ Baileykix

  27. Boy! I’ve read a lot of this stuff and can’t believe there are people who would begrudge Tammy the right for some publicity. How many of YOU would be willing to take a seat in jail to help a good cause? My husband and I founded a rescue for animals 12 years ago and spend every penny on the animals including 24 horses, etc. None of us (volunteers included…and there are many) take a PENNY for what we do to help the thrown away pets that people don’t want when they’ve outgrown their use of them. What kind of humanKIND are we anyway??? I take my hat off to Tammy and would be willing to sit right beside her on this inhumane issue!!! Would YOU? That little dog has just as much feelings as you or I do. It’s about time to realize that!!! I’m sure the poor thing is ever so grateful for a little bit of loving attention while the suffering must have been tremendous. For all of you who disagree…my heart goes out to you. “What goes around comes around” and one day it might be YOU or one you love who is left without care. I can’t reach out and pity you! Let’s all try to think of the animals Tammy is trying to help and forget the ego trip. SHE’S the one who is willing to take her space in jail instead of giving more bucks to the dang system that stinkss!! It’s time for the animals, etc, to get some recognition as more than property! I take my hat off to Tammy and anyone like her. You people who have negative things to say….GO FIND SOMETHING TO DO!!!! GET A LIFE THAT’S WORTH LIVING!!!

  28. YUCK!!! And your thinking!!!! I hope you keep your pooch indoors because if something like this happened to IT…what will YOU do? Stop the terrible criticism of those who are trying to make the difference! It’s people like you who make the trouble. Go do something worthwhile! From “ONE WHO’S HAD ENOUGH OF IT ALL FROM PEOPLE LIKE YOU!

  29. Way to GO!!!! I love your statement!!! No one could have said it better! I’m with you and will do everything I can to help save the animals. THEN,,,and ONLY then can we call ourselves kind hearted people. Thanks for your statement. It did my heart good!

    From one who cares enough to walk the walk instead of talking the negative talk..right next to every single Tammy who willingly sticks her neck out as a good samaritan. (That goes for you good guys, too)!!!!

  30. Thank God for people like Tammy Grimes! Not so long ago parents were allowed to mistreat their children, who were viewed as their property and the situation as a “family matter”. Luckily there were courageous people who didn’t see it this way – no matter what the law said – who stepped in and did the right thing – first, separating the abused from their abuser before the victim was killed. Many laws have had to be broken during the course of civilization for the better good. Harboring Jews was “against the law” in many European countries in WWII. But then again, you’d probably have gladly stepped up and turned in Anne Frank! Thank you Tammy for saving the life of an innocent.

  31. The law was broken by the people that left this dog in the condition he was in. What is wrong with you? Even the judge said two wrongs don’t make a right. But Judge Doyle, in her infinite wisdom, has chosen not to punish the person that caused Tammy’s actions to be necessary in the first place, the owner of the dog. So it is WE are who is appalled, by your attitude, and it is unconscionable that your would advocate for strict justice for the individual who saved this dog and not the animal ABUSER.

  32. While she may well have broken the law, there are always mitigating circumstances. They didn’t have to punish her to the extent they did for saving a dying animal! YOU obviously have no heart, much less a soul. OUR being appalled is NOT irrelevant – it will be relevant when this judge and DA are voted out of office.

  33. tammys commitment
    On February 22nd, 2008 Anonymous says:
    Tammy, you put your life on the line for your country in the military, so did I. You back up your commitment to this country and humanity with your life! You did the same in this situation and I applaud you for it! I would have done the same thing.
    There will always be those who take and talk and do nothing and then there are people like you and I. It is OUR KIND that founded and created the USA! GOD BLESS & DONT CHANGE or LET THEM BREAK YOU!

    HeartFelt Ranch
    Tamara Roosa

  34. This law was obviously made to be broken. What ever happened to Good Samaritans? Compassion? Yes. Tammy made a choice and it was the *right* choice. Obviously she is willing to accept her punishment, but what of the dog’s owners? The dog didn’t reach that condition overnight. So what exactly are the owner’s guilty of? They are guilty of a “continuous crime”….a situation they chose to ignore day after day after day. There was a witness! What a mockery of law this whole mess is, not to mention good old-fashioned human decency. There are far too many appalled people, my friend, to make this issue “irrelevant”.

  35. I would like to know why there are so many people that think it is OK for us to select what laws we will follow and what laws we will not follow.

    Again, a fanatic who is in the wrong results to insults and name calling!!!

  36. You must be living on another planet if you think there are not hundreds of animal organizations in this country alone. Try a google search. However, they all don’t break the law, Like Ms. Grimes. As far as your comments about “just pay all the money” you should take the time to make sense before you post. Your comments have no meaning to anyone but you. What is a helo? What has the best doctor in a foreign country got to do with anything on this page!!!

  37. You call it begrudge, I call it scam!! Obviously the Judge agreed, she ordered all the doogie crap removed from her money making website. Imagine, making money off a poor dog!! Maybe now Tammy can get a real job.

  38. Yea it must be a charity cause the website says so. My god do you believe everything you read on the web. Just because she claims it is a charity doesn’t make it one. How much salary does Ms Grimes draw from her “charity” . I’ve heard of scams that occur at legitimate sites too. Please send her more money.

  39. I certainly do keep my dog inside, and away from Tammy Grimes!!!!!!! CONVICTED DOG THIEF!!!!!!!!

  40. Believe me I know my dog could be next. Once a dog thief always a dog thief. I wonder how long before Tammy tries it again. I guess as soon as the present publicity wears off!!!

  41. If there was evidence of wrongdoing by the owners, then they should have been prosecuted. However, since Ms Grimes took it into her own hands to break the law, she prevented any further investigation of that crime. She not only destroyed all evidence of any crime (if any) by hiding the dog, but she diverted attention away from that issue by becoming a criminal herself.

  42. As a fellow dog rescue person, I believe that what Tammy did was not for “publicity” (that’s what the “chain-outs” that she’s sponsored for five years now are for.) Tammy is a caring human being who fell victim to our “system” of “justice” which, if not altered will lead to the downfall of our society just as it has for other great cultures in the past who chose to side with complacency. I urge Pennsylvania’s political officials to do whatever is possible to convince Governor Rendell to issue a full pardon for Tammy AND to change our laws to protect all sentient life from abuse as Tammy conscientiously attempted to do.

  43. So change the law and vote them out. But until that happens what Tammy Grimes did is still a crime and she is still a convicted thief!!!!

    Lets see you get off your duff and do something to change the law. I happen to support a law that prevents individuals from stealing dogs!!!

  44. Why don’t you stop your whining and get out there and risk your OWN neck. I’ll tell you why, because its illegal and you don’t want to break the law, be arrested, and become a convicted criminal. Sure as long as someone else does it, you are okay with it, but you haven’t the nerve to do it yourself. WHAT A HYPOCRITE!!!

  45. Obviously Ms. Grimes had two choices, to follow the law, or get arrested. She chose to break the law, and the cops did their job. If Ms. Grimes hadn’t stolen the dog and refused to give it back, maybe there would be evidence of another crime. However, there was not and if she was telling the truth, its entirely her fault that no one could be prosecuted but her.

  46. As a fellow dog rescue person? How many dogs have you stolen? I’m sure you are not biased. Lets let everyone off who knows someone who believes they were not treated fairly!!!!!!

    I am urging the Governor and my legislators to stay out of it, and let the due process that Ms. Grimes received stand!!

  47. Yea Flood the Governor and get him really pissed off at Tammy Grimes, convicted dog thief!!!!

  48. What a stupid thing to say, laws were made to be broken. Lets all break some laws because we feel justified to do so. I need money maybe I should break the law and rob someone. What a stupid thing to say!!!!!!!!

  49. I wouldn’t exactly call what she got a punishment. And I’m sure she made plenty of money off the whole thing with all the publicity and the donations to her website. She didn’t get punished, she got off easy.

  50. If what you are saying is so right then why can’t you even leave your name? I didn’t leave it so the fanatics that would seek me out and harm me because I believe Ms. Grimes deserves to be arrested and convicted for the crime she committed.

  51. You have some serious issues….are you friends with the actual abusers who allowed this dog to suffer???

  52. Its easy to call names, especially when you are in the wrong. Was was morally right? says you? Obviously the court system says different. So go out and do the same thing yourself. Don’t sit home on your ass you HYPOCRITE. You won’t because you don’t want to get arrested!!!

  53. So you founded an animal rescue 12 years ago. How many dogs did you steal? Perhaps you never got caught, however its probably that you never did steal a dog. You managed to work rescuing animals for years without breaking the law. How can you possibly applaud a law breaker!!!

    Yes lets stop all the people who don’t believe what you do from saying so!!! Its the American Way!! Oh wait a minute, thats communism isn’t it!!!! My bad.

  54. Is that really all you got? Really? If you have something to add to the discussion then please do. If all you can do is make unsubstantiated accusations then shut up!!

  55. I DEMAND THE DA AND JUDGE BE REMOVED FROM THEIR POSTS, AND THAT THE TRUE ABUSERS, THE ‘OWNERS’ OF THIS DOG, OR PROPERTY, AS THE DA AND JUDGE HAVE STATED (BY THE WAY, A LIFE IS NOT FREAKIN PROPERTY), HAVE CHARGES BROUGHT AGAINST THEM. YOU HAVE CARRIED OUT A GROSS AND NEGLIGENT MISREPRESENTATION OF LAW AND DESERVE TO BE PROSECUTED IMMEDIATELY, AS YOU…THE DA, JUDGE AND ‘PROPERTY OWNERS’ WHO WERE THE ACTUAL CRIMINALS, ARE GUILTY AS HELL. ANYONE who allows another life to suffer, needs to be locked away. That kind of pathology is not something that can or ever will be rehabilitated, and we all know (well documented through history) that a person who abuses, tortures and/or kills an animal (and those who support such acts), are more likely to do the same to humans.

    So, I guess we live in a country where criminals prevail…and those ignorant abusers and killers can do what they want without facing the consequences for their crimes. No wonder most countries view americans as idiots!! Next time you see another life suffering at the hands of CRIMINALS, you may want to think twice about helping….even if it is a child, because you could be next. The good samaritan law does not apply.

  56. Because it is a charity, donations are needed to take care of medical needs for the animals – especially when the animals have come from an abusive situation. ALL charities rely on donations. Do you have nothing better to do? Rather than spreading your negativity, why don’t you find something constructive to help yourself.

  57. And you think you are adding anything constructive to the discussion? You have been adding unsubstanciated accusations to every post. Did I strike I nerve or something??! You are showing ignorance for telling someone to shut up over a few little words. Stop trying to bully everyone here, and try to add something intelligent to the discussion

  58. So are you suggesting there are laws stating it is okay to abuse animals? Domesticated animals rely on humans to provide the basics of food, water and shelter – NONE of those were provided to this dying dog who was chained outside. I am also wondering why you insist that those who have posted in support of Tammy Grimes, are fanatics, while accusing them all of name calling and insults. Are you not throwing around insults and using childish insults to try and belittle people who actually care about animals?

  59. Let’s see….your robbing someone for money analogy has NOTHING to do with this topic. Robbing someone would be an actual criminal act. What Tammy did was try to help an abused and neglected dog who was dying because the so-called “property owners” (who happen to be the actual criminals in this case) denied this living being the basics of food, water and shelter and love. Trying to help a living being, human or animal, who is obviously suffering because someone neglected and denied proper care, should NEVER be a crime. If more people in this world were compassionate, maybe we would not see the skyrocketing cases of animal abuse/torture and murder. Like others have said, why don’t you reflect on your life and stop throwing out such ignorant insults, instead of acting like a victim….you have accused many here of calling you names, when it is obvious you are the *true* bully.

  60. I am an animal rescuer and Know people very well. I can tell you that you are not a charitble person at all and probably do nothing for people either. It is all about you!! She saved a dying dog. Can’t you be happy for that. This is the way you show progress and change laws that need to be changed. You stand up for what is right and humane.

  61. Maybe that’s why Pennsylvania has so many PULLYMILLS! The most famous and most horrendous belonging to an Amish woman (note that I did not say a lady…)

    I will never understand why that judge does not think it is wrong for the dog owners to neglect and abuse the dog but thinks it is wrong for a good samaritan to rescue and save that dog!!!!! What’s wrong with this judge???!!!

  62. Exactly! Plus what all the fuss from the dog owners if they obviously didn’t want their mutt, leaving him dying in a chain day and night totally neglected?!?!?!

    What’s this about???!!!…

    I would have done the same thing Ms.Grimes did!!!

    Bia Fernandes

  63. So you don’t seem to be concerned that it is against the law (AND CRUEL) to let a dog die on a chain.

  64. Guess in your book it’s okay to leave a beautiful animal on a chain to rot.What a life.But that’s legal you say?

  65. Yeah, Tammy has a yacht off the coast of la la land dude. It’s where her and DDB summer with all the rich millionaire rescued dogs that all sport gold teeth paid for by donations. GET REAL.Go to the DDB website and pay attention.

  66. Firts of all person who knows nothing about DDB.The first step is not to randomly steal pets..regardless of the urgency. Go to the DDB website and learn the steps that rescuers like Tammy go thru to save animals from hell on a chain.

    The goal is to work with the family to get an animal off of the chain and into the home as part of the family. If not, they work to find the dog a better life with cooperation from the family.A life on a chain is not a life..it is pure hell.

    Doogie was taken to save his life.Had Tammy not made that hard decision he would have been dead on a chain..and you and people like you could care less.Never seeing the crime in that.

    DDB is not out to steal pets and make money. Dogs do not belong on chains anymore than you do.


  67. Your right, Tammy is a millionaire superstar. I just saw her cruise by with a whole possee of dog rescuers on their way to an all nighter with P Diddy Doo and some other rich and beautiful people.

    Get real dude. How many dogs have DDB rescued?Do you know?So if it’s a scam was Doogie not really there, or did Tammy plant the dying dog to put some cool vids on YouTube?

    ~Tammy Ozias~

  68. You seem to receive great pleasure from harassing Tammy and people on this site.You are on a site that is an Advocate for animals to live and live free of cruelty and neglect.Doogie was dying on a chain…DYING.You don’t think that matters.You don’t think animlas matter.So go away.Why are you here other than to cause grief?This is fun to you..but not your place.We get your point…you don’t care about Doogie or dogs in similar situations. You will not change any minds here concerning Tammy saving Doogie.

    Please move on to something you believe in and leave this site to support Tammy and DDB.


  69. WAY TO GO JUDGE!!!!!!!! The only thing better would have been to send Tammy Grimes to jail for her theft. Tammy caused the dealth of that dog via heartbreak when she stole him from his home!

    Let’s see if your support of first amendment rights leaves this comment on line. BTW, thanks for the links to the reps, we’ll use them to write and support the judge.

  70. I don’t see where Tammy called in animal authorities… am I missing something????? As much as I love dogs, the protocol when you see a suffering animal is to call the organization who can legally deal with the problem. If they do not respond that makes matters different…BUT it is IMPERATIVE that we do not allow private citizens to seize what they think is a hurting animal. Let’s say you have a skinney cat sitting in your window who is on medication for kidney dysfunction and a “kind” person breaks into your home and steals it!!!! Do you see what that would do to our country to make it legal for citizens to make this kind of action and have the law support them????? Holy cow! That’s scarey.

    As much as I love animals… I need to see that this lady called the police or the humane society before she acted and did not act on her own. If she didn’t call the authorities… then I think she acted wrongly.

  71. Obviously you have NOT followed closely how the events transpired. Authorities had been contacted…repeatedly…for DAYS!! She also met up with an authority at the vet….who also did NOTHING! Start at the beginning of this travesty and if you are a person who has any compassion or an ounce of empathy for other living creatures you will certainly find Tammys action most honorable.
    P.s. Why is it that those that have such convictions of harsh judement AGAIST Tammy seem to hide behind their comments in anonymity??

  72. The only heartbreak here is that this poor dog was chained outside with no food, water, shelter or LOVE, was allowed to suffer while the family refused proper care. What a home and life that was for this poor dog. Until Tammy stepped in to try to provide care for this dying animal, it had no life.

  73. If Tammy had called child welfare trying to get help for an abused child and no one came how would she be judged?
    If she then took a dying child for needed medical help would she be a kidnapper?

    In Virgina 4 children were found dead in their apt a few months ago. Teachers and neighbors had called the authorities for help on 5 different occasions. But no one came.
    The children were then killed by their mother and lay rotting for 4 months before the smell was investigated.

    The powers that be had every chance to save these children.

    If only Tammy had lived next door to this family.

    We all look to laws and the authorities to help in these situations. When thay don’t should we just say “oh well” and look the other way? Tammy did what she had to do. I agree with what she did. The authorities are wrong but they will NEVER admit it. They are angry because their incompetence was brought to light. So Tammy must be made an example of what happens to you when you embarrass the police.

    If a concerned citizen can make a citizens arrest why is it they can not save a life.

    Laws need to change. The fact that Tammy is being asked to pay the court costs for this absurd prosecution is crazy.
    Tammy should sue the “owners” of this dog for emotinal distress. Because of their negligence her life will never be the same.
    Thank you Tammy for caring and acting to save this poor dog.

  74. Dear Friends of Tammy,

    Please feel free to use this letter , perhaps with some minor changes so that it is your own words, to contact the Senators/Reps listed with addresses at the bottom of the letter.

    February 23, 2008

    [Representative or Senator ______________]

    Re: The February 22, 2008 Theft Conviction of Tammy Grimes, Blair County, Pennsylvania

    Dear __________________:

    I am writing to you today regarding the conviction of Tammy Grimes by Judge Elizabeth Doyle for theft of a dying animal from the property of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold.

    Tammy Grimes is the head of the organization, “Dogs Deserve Better”, a national organization whose sole purpose for existence is to help animals who have been condemned to a horrible life exposed to the elements on chains by their uncaring owners. In this particular case, Ms. Grimes, having been made aware of a dog who lay chained and dying on the ground, unattended to, without food or water for an extended period of time–his negligent owners nowhere to be found–contacted the necessary authorities, advised them of the situation and were told by them to take the dog and, if she was willing to, get proper veterinary care for him. She did just that, and by doing so, saved the dog’s life.

    Both videographic and photographic hard evidence were taken as the situation unfolded. During Ms. Grimes’ trial, and at the behest of District Attorney Richard Consiglio (who was widely criticized for wasting taxpayers’ money in bringing charges in this matter), Judge Doyle refused admittance of this evidence to the jury. In addition, throughout the trial, Ms. Grimes was personally attacked and her valiant efforts were belittled by DA Consiglio and Judge Doyle. At her sentencing on February 22, Judge Doyle went so far as to say that Tammy was not Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King, Jr., and that she was a disgrace to her cause and her supporters. The Judge also said two wrongs do not make a right, yet the Arnolds were never charged for animal cruelty. One has to ask “Why?” DA Consiglio chimed in, saying the heroic rescue of Doogie (the name given to the dog by Ms. Grimes) was a “publicity stunt” and that the Arnolds were victims of her “lies“. He went on to say that Ms. Grimes showed disrespect for the law when in reality, Consiglio showed an ongoing disrespect for the law in his refusal to enforce existing animal cruelty laws by bringing charges against the Arnolds.

    In addition to sentencing Ms. Grimes to 300 hours of community service and one year of probation, the 300 hours of community service she said, must be performed at organizations that benefit humans as “humans are dogs too” (Judge Doyle’s words). The Judge also ordered Ms. Grimes to remove all Doogie-related information from her organization’s website and “all other sites and forms of media over which she has control”, thereby violating her rights under the First Amendment. Ms. Grimes’ attorney has said he will appeal this blatant miscarriage of justice.

    In addition to this, Judge Doyle also denied media access to the trial and in an almost unheard of step, also ordered that Ms. Grimes pay $1,700–the cost for her own trial! This sends a strong message to America that despite what is guaranteed in the Constitution, we do not have a right to a fair trial.

    Mr. ______________, we are asking, nay IMPLORING, you to contact Governor Ed Rendell and request a full pardon for Tammy Grimes. Along with Doogie, it is Ms. Grimes who has been made a victim by the misuse of the judicial system by Judge Doyle and DA Consiglio.

    In addition, we would ask you to take all necessary steps in demanding the resignations of Judge Doyle and DA Consiglio. They have more than proven themselves to be an embarrassment to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We can assure you that hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Americans who care about animals are watching, and that we are doing what we can to bring national exposure to this travesty.

    As Americans and animal lovers, and in the interest of justice, we would appreciate your consideration and action on this matter.

    Sincerely yours,


    Senator Bob Casey
    United States Senate
    383 Russell Senate Office Building
    Washington, DC 20510

    Senator Arlen Specter
    United States Senate
    711 Hart Building
    Washington, DC 20510

    Honorable Jerry Stern
    Pennsylvania House of Representatives
    324 Allegheny Street
    Holidaysburg, PA 16648

    Honorable Mike Fleck
    Pennsylvania House of Representatives
    159A East Wing
    P.O. Box 202081
    Harrisburg, PA 17120-2081

    Representative Bill Shuster
    204 Cannon HOB
    Washington, DC 20515

    Honorable Richard A. Geist
    Gables Office Building, Suite 104
    1331 12th Avenue
    Altoona, PA 16601

  75. The time has come to see if Ms. Grimes convictions are real or just a lot of double talk. Ms. Grimes remains defiant of the law she was found guilty of violating and has stated (above) that she prefers jail rather than comply with the Judge’s orders.

    Her exact words from the letter she posted above were “I am morally and ethically unable and unwilling to pay any fine that goes to pay the salaries of those who use power wrongly; those who punish citizens for helping animals and allow animal abusers to go free will not receive monetary support from me.”

    Ms. Grimes, now is the time to stand up for what you believe. Will you defy the Judge’s orders, stand by your principles, and go to jail, as you say you will? Or will you do as you have been told, accept your conviction and admit that your moral outrage in this case is clearly not all you say it is.

    While I could agree with your intent to help a dog in distress, I most adamantly disagree with your tactics in this case. However, I could at least respect you for upholding your convictions, if that is indeed what you do.
    All of us wait with bated breath to learn if you believe what you preach or if you are just another hypocrite out for publicity.

  76. I had no idea the DDB donation money was being used for such frivolous things. I certainly will not donate any further money to an organization where funds are so badly misused. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!!!!

  77. What does

    “Firts of all person who knows nothing about DDB” mean

    What is firts? Perhaps you should have used a full sentence? You need to work on your communication skills!!

    And how do you know what the intent of DDB is? Just because someone writes it down on a website doesn’t make it true. All the wishing in the world doesn’t make it true. All we have is the word of a convicted dognapper. When you really know something, first hand, come on back and post. Until then stop your ranting.

  78. So, you truly think that the sarcasm of the post….sarcasm to prove a point that FUNDS ARE NOT MISUSED, you think that is true? Seriously, please do yourself a favor and educate yourselves. No animal welfare organization – especially an animal rescue group, has enough money to buy and or party with the rich and famous on yachts.

  79. The drone is back – whats the matter? Nothing better to do with your time than try put people down to make yourself feel like a big ‘person’?

  80. You seem to get a great deal of pleasure in supporting a convicted criminal. You seem to get a great deal of pleasure on supporting vigilantism. You seem to get a great deal of pleasure condemning people for things you have no real first hand knowledge of. You would have made a great witness in this case. I am surprised they didn’t call you. You could have testified she was innocent because someone told you and you believe it.

    The purpose of this whole site is to whine about how unfair everything is to this convicted dognapper. Why don’t all of you who don’t believe in the judicial system of the United States and think anarchy and choosing what laws you want to follow go away!!!!.

  81. It is sad to see that certain party(s?) have chosen to further attack Tammy Grimes on this site. Under the veil of ANONYMOUS , afraid to come out of hiding as spineless vermin are wont to do, they discredit only themselves and by proxy Judge Doyle, DA Consiglio, and the travesty that was this judicial decision.
    We can only wonder if the last name of this person(s?) may be

    Those with a soul are sadly shaking their heads to think that the world has so many who think like YOU…whoever you are.

    You surely have crawled out of a very dark place, perhaps in your mind or perhaps from HELL ITSELF.

    Please, do the rest of the world a favor and go back to where you came from.

    Most Sincerely,

    Doc Wheeler

  82. You are acting as if you have been wronged in some way. Why is that?? If you do not like what is being said here, you, sir, mam, whatever, should be the one to go away. You are not going to change any minds here. And accusing people of things YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT, well, that just shows your ignorance. Educate yourself on anarchy – it has nothing to do with this well documented injustice. Unless you are the true abuser of this dog (the ‘property owner’ – the one who did not provide love, shelter, food and water OR proper care), then YOU have no real first hand knowledge of this case.

  83. Doctor Wheeler,

    Our understanding was that this was a site for people to voice an opinion (positive or negative) about the recent conviction of Tammy Grimes. You seem to think it is a site only for those support her and believe she is in the right, regardless of the law. Perhaps you would silence anyone who disagrees with you on this and any other topic. How Unamerican.

    Feel free to voice your opinion, but let others do the same. Don’t threaten those who disagree with you. You seem to be the one who has stooped so low as to resort in name calling. You should be ashamed

    Do the rest of the world a favor. If you don’t want people to voice there opinions (pro and con) then shut the site down. Otherwise shut up.

  84. What about it Tammy? Show them you mean what you said!!!! Show them that you have the convictions!!!! Show them that you are willing to do what you said for your beliefs and you are not a hypocrite!!!

  85. Why is it if people don’t agree with you, you tell them to shut up and go away? When you sit there, hiding behind your computer and claim that all of these laws have been broken, voicing your opinion all over the place, what right do you have to tell everyone to shut up? Your words are much like a communist….not an American. Freedom of speech works on all sides, bud.

  86. No one is being told to shut up and go away because they don’t agree. They are told to shut up and stop trying to intimidate others into silence who disagree with them, and who they are telling to shut up and go away. All opinions should be welcome and all opinions should be open for discussion, but no one should be told they can’t express an opinion (unless that opinion is an attempt to silence others).

    I welcome your opinions, as wrong as they may be. Please continue to post, but allow others who disagree with you the same courtesy.

  87. I am a rescue person. Founded my own rescue group. I totally support Tammy and what she did for this dog. I have rescued sick and dieing abused dogs from horrible people. Sadly I have choose to not take it any further than JUST rescueing the dogs. Sadly one of these people whom turned over 8 dogs at once, went out and started buying and breeding and abusing again. I WISH I would of turned her in, to the news, police, SPCA anyone who would listen. People are SICK and we do what we HAVE to do for the sake of these POOR animals. They CANNOT speak for themselves or untie themselves or feed themselves or take themselves to the vet. There are many laws out there that are Ridiculous!! Prosecuting this case is STUPID! I’d be ashamed to be from that state or town/city. I would,will and have done what needs to be done to rescue a dog or cat from misery and a slow death. It makes me sick to know that there are so many people out there that would just walk on by and let this happen to ANY animal. Here in my part of california it is CRIMINAL TO CHAIN A DOG FOR MORE THAN 3 HOURS AT A TIME. I have and will continue to do all I can to stop animal abuse!! I support you Tammy and I would of done the same thing. If more people would do their part to help then there would be less of a need for us. That is not gong to happen becuase so many dummies just have NO idea what is really going on and what it takes to do what we do and what we give up!! I would go to jail for a life of any animal that is being abused!! I would glady share a cell with you!!

    Jennifer Jones

  88. look at all of your posts – in almost every one of them you are telling people to shut up and or go away BECAUSE they DO NOT AGREE WITH YOU. And, telling everyone their opinions are wrong, just because YOU do not agree with THEM is pure ignorance at best. I see no one stopping you from posting…and certainly no one is removing your posts, so what the hell are you complaining about?

  89. I could not have said it better! ALL dogs – ALL animals, deserve better than what this DA and judge believes.

  90. I was using sarcasm dude…Tammy and DDB are not scam artists hanging out on yachts.The dogs don’t really get gold teeth with donation money.DDB is a real non-for-profit group.


  91. So I misspelled the word ‘first’.Big deal. I have met with and spoken to memebers of DDB as well as followed their work for years.They don’t just exist on a website..they are real people allover the US.

    How is it you claim to be an expert on DDB and Tammy Grimes?Why don’t you personally talk to someone from DDB.I can give you 50 phone #’s if you would like.

  92. Way to go Judge….Free Speech should be banned. Let’s all put our dogs..and kids on chains and wear tape over our mouths.Let’s also reverse the rights of women and black Americans to vote.The civil rights movement was a bad idea.Oh, and Women belong barefoot and pregnant…not in colleges and jobs.

    Dude…DDB is not a scam.GEt over that comment.It’s beyond stupid.Evey time you say that you prove how ignorant and silly you are. Do you have any compassion for animals.Do you believe in change for the better?One lousy judge who overlooked a crime (DOG ABUSE BY AN OWNER WHO LEFT IT TO DIE ON A CHAIN) does not speak for America!Tammy has thousands of supporters.You have one..yourself.


  93. Sorry.Your right.Me stupid with no idea what Tammy or DDB is about.Doogie should have been left to rot on a chain…and all dogs would be better off that way.We should throw a way cool bash for the dog abuser..Doogies abuser.I’m sure he is super cool just like you.How about Saturday?


  94. Well said.Why are you acting as if this your case..as if your upset Doogie wasn’t allowed to be abused.Why don’t you leave your name?


  95. Doogie was almost dead..DEAD.Waiting days till the “right” people got off their butt and he would have been dead and thrown away.DO YOU GET THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This was a last resort to save his life.Tammy does not steal dogs for fun dude.Neither do the members of Dogs Deserve Better.

  96. WHATEVER. Dying on a chain is hell.Being taken to a vet and given a 2nd chance to live after near death by Tammy Grimes is good.Just ask Doogie.

  97. WHATEVER. Dying on a chain is hell.Being taken to a vet and given a 2nd chance to live after near death by Tammy Grimes is good.Just ask Doogie.


  98. Wow, some person named “anonymous” has such insecurity and an obvious personality disorder! They keep trying to move away from the subject here and divert everyone’s attention to themselves and to emotional infractions such as “name-calling”. You don’t really believe what you are saying Mac and we all know it. You are probably 15 years old and posting just to rile folks up. Why don’t you go back to the nursery and play with your teddy bear and live the adults alone to discuss the laws of this country in a fair and educated manner?
    Go Tammy Go.


  99. Do you always obey the posted speed liimit? If not, then you are nothing more than a hypocrite. What about the “Jim Crow” laws of old in the South? Should they never have been challenged? Overturned? When the Constitution was written, black men were not considered a full American citizen. Should this have stood? What you and people like you do not realize is that some laws are not for the betterment of society. Why in the hell should it be OK to arrest and try someone for helping a defenseless animal? If it were left to people like you nothing would change, over half the people in this country would be sub-citizens. You need to do some research before you go around saying stupid things.

  100. I used to walk by a house numerous times when I was about 13. One family was trying to hang a German Shepard by his ears on the clothesline. I was skinny, but that made me mad, I went in and took that sweet soul from them.

    I took it from them. I took him home. Mom and granny asked me what I had nopw 🙂 I named him Smokey. That family did not know what happened to them. I was sooooooooooo angry at them all.

    He was my babe 🙂

    And yes. I would do it again and have.

    That judge sucked. Apparently not an animal lover.


  101. Innocent people are accused and sent to prison – we hear of people spending years, falsely accused, in a prison cell, paying for crimes they did not commit. Courts, and the system of ‘law’ is NOT always right or fair. Having compassion for a living being, which you obviously claim to be a crime, is not an evil or illegal thing, no matter what these horrid individuals say. Helping a DYING animal who was OBVIOUSLY neglected and abused by the very people who claim to love their ‘stolen property’ (loving it so much they forced the dog to live on a chain, denying this life the very basics to sustain a good life), is not a crime. It is only called a crime because of a backwards system and a crooked judge and DA, who should have thrown the book at the people who actually inflicted this unthinkable abuse onto this animal. For you to call any one a hypocrite for being a compassionate person is absurd and very childish. How very sad for you to live such an empty life that you feel you must condemn those with compassion….

  102. If the judge was right in finding Tammy guilty, then obviously the value of the dog (nothing, according to the owners), then what is the sentence for stealing nothing?

    Sometimes the right thing is not the legal thing.

    Furthermore, if you’re so concerned about the law, the law states that you have to take care of your pets–why don’t you use your time to write to the DA and the judge about that?

  103. For those who say (and seem to believe what they say), that this dog was SO loved by the Arnolds, and that the only reason it didn’t get up is because it was sleeping, or just didn’t want to get up for Tammy, you really must educate yourselves on this case. If this dog was being treated by a vet via the Arnold’s, then tell me why any self-respecting vet would EVER allow a dogs nails to grow so long that they were curled UNDER his pads? NO dog could walk with nails like that and THAT is only one of the pieces of proof that this dog was suffering at the hands of the Arnold’s. Feces embedded in it’s hair, a filthy, empty food bowl and an equally filthy water pail with water so rancid, rats wouldn’t drink it. This is so inhumane. Ask yourselves a question. Would you treat your wife, husband, partner, mother, father or children in this manor? If you wouldn’t, then why would you subject an animal to such a horrific existence? Treat all life the way YOU would want to be treated. It is not a question of status, race, or socio-economics. It is not a rich/poor issue. It is, however, an issue of ethics. If you cannot properly care for an animal, you should not have one until you are able. We, as a society need to show more compassion for all living things.

    Ever occur to you why some of us can be this much concerned with animals suffering? Because government is not. Why not? Animals don’t vote. ~Paul Harvey

    Animals give me more pleasure through the viewfinder of a camera than they ever did in the crosshairs of a gunsight. And after I’ve finished “shooting,” my unharmed victims are still around for others to enjoy. I have developed a deep respect for animals. I consider them fellow living creatures with certain rights that should not be violated any more than those of humans. ~Jimmy Stewart

    The fact that man knows right from wrong proves his intellectual superiority to the other creatures; but the fact that he can do wrong proves his moral inferiority to any creatures that cannot. ~Mark Twain, What Is Man, 1906

    The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men. ~Alice Walker

    Animals can communicate quite well. And they do. And generally speaking, they are ignored. ~Alice Walker

    Heaven is by favor; if it were by merit your dog would go in and you would stay out. Of all the creatures ever made [man] is the most detestable. Of the entire brood, he is the only one… that possesses malice. He is the only creature that inflicts pain for sport, knowing it to be pain. ~Mark Twain

    The human spirit is not dead. It lives on in secret…. It has come to believe that compassion, in which all ethics must take root, can only attain its full breadth and depth if it embraces all living creatures and does not limit itself to mankind. ~Albert Schweitzer, Novel Peace Prize address, “The Problem of Peace in the World Today”

    We must fight against the spirit of unconscious cruelty with which we treat the animals. Animals suffer as much as we do. True humanity does not allow us to impose such sufferings on them. It is our duty to make the whole world recognize it. Until we extend our circle of compassion to all living things, humanity will not find peace. ~Albert Schweitzer, The Philosophy of Civilization

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
    “To my mind, the life of a lamb is no less precious than that of a human being.”
    Mahatma Gandhi, statesman and philosopher

    “Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages.”
    Thomas Edison, inventor

  104. As much as you love animals????? Excuse me, but you have not been following this, otherwise, you would not have made such foolish commentary. The authorities WERE contacted, several times, and chose to do nothing.

    What would you have done in a case like that?? I sense you’d probably do nothing. You sound like one of those people who don’t think it’s their business to even care.

  105. Excuse me, but I didn’t see a threat, veiled or otherwise, in Doctor Wheeler’s post. Site to voice an opinion, yes it is, but look at the name again – Animal Law Coalition. Animal Law doesn’t necessarily conjure up scenes of hope and happiness. If folks like you treated God’s creatures with any modicum of decency, this coalition would not exist. As Dr. Wheeler says, go back under the rock you came from – you are the reason sites like this exist and the reason animal laws must be made in the first place.

    Pennsylvania! A heads up – you won’t be getting away with this forever. . .

  106. Do you honestly believe she saved this dogs life and has been going thru a living hell with this farce of a case as a means for PUBLICITY??? Wake up!

  107. If this were truly about Tammy stealing a dog that was chained for “publicity”, wouldn’t you think she would have just taken the white healthy dog that was also chained on the same property? Would have been a hell of a lot cheaper without the vet bill that she paid for Doogie’s care. Damn! I guess this one has to be chalked up to another one of those “stupid criminals.” (All sarcasm intended.)

    As an individual who suffered the hands of abuse as a child in a neighborhood where everyone knew what was happening (I have talked to the neighbors as an adult – they knew) and no one did a thing to protect me, I applaud Ms. Grimes for her courage to step forward and to do something when the rest of the world was too inconvenienced to care.

    I never cease to be amazed that the courage and strength it takes to stand up and take a stand can be, and so often is, twisted into something unrecognizable by those who want to cover their own shame and guilt. If there was truly nothing to hide, why not allow the jurors to see all of the evidence in the case? If what she did was so morally wrong and reprehensible, wouldn’t the jury have been able to see that for themselves with ALL of the evidence laid before them?

    As for fanatics seeking you out to do you harm, most people who are animal lovers have a great respect for life and are not in the habit of vigilante activities. Even those that are extreme enough to break into labs and steal animals do property damage, but they are not known to take lives. If you were to look at the studies that have been done I think the people you need to be afraid of are those who hurt animals as they are mush more likely to also hurt people.

    Doni Mason

  108. Punishing Tammy for saving a life is wrong. Making her pay for her trial is wrong. Did Mike Vick pay for his trial? This dog was not stolen from a loving, caring family. This dog was rescued from a life of hell. How can this state convict Tammy and then release a woman who shot her dog to death? Where is the logic and fairness in the legal system in this state? I’m disgusted by what has happened and how so many people don’t think anything wrong was done by the Arnold’s. Why can’t people see what is really going on here. A dog is a living breathing being with feelings and needs. Animals are completely dependent on their owners for everything. The problem is there are way tooo many bad owners. You can see cruelty everywhere. Children die daily by the hands of their loved ones, and animals are treated no different. They are tortured and killed by those they trust to keep them safe and why? Because there are way tooo many sick people in this world. Sick people come in all varieties, some of them are even members of the justice world. Tammy’s sentence is proof of that. Way to go Pennsylvania, home of the city of brotherly love……oh…except for dogs and people who protect them.

  109. Are you for real??? I hardly think a dog left to die in the mud would miss his owners. How many chained dogs do you have in your back yard???

  110. A person who saves an innocent, suffering dog from dying is a human being plain and simple and anyone who feels otherwise is a subhuman plain and simple. There’s no question whose side God would be on…not to mention very unsettling to have people who think like you existing in this world.

  111. Tammy broke new ground by standing up to the idiots that “rule” her backward county. I live in Georgia and up until now I always thought that only the South bred good old boys. But this case has proved that this Pa county has its’ on “good old boy” robed and sitting on the judicial bench.
    And the DA? lol what a freakin’ joke he is.

    I sincerely hope the voters of this county are paying attention.

    Tammy handled herself with class and dignity in spite of the behavior of the so called ‘court’ and other “authoritive” officials. Keep your head held high, Tammy, my friend – you have absolutely nothing to be but proud of yourself, and for giving Doogie the happiest five months of his entire life.

    If I were the Arnolds, I’d be too ashamed to show my face for a good while. This couple sounds like some of the inbreds we have living in Georgia. We call those kinds of people ‘trailer trash’. That seems to sum it up quite nicely.

    Smiles and high 5’s to you, Tammy !
    Lisa in Atlanta

  112. You have it all wrong, Einstein. Doogie died HAPPY and loved. Had she not taken him when she did, he would have ended up dying ALONE, unloved and suffering. Just like he was living while on that chain.

    The Arnolds are a joke – and this county’s judicial “officials”? Trust me, they are the laughing stock of the nation.

    Tammy Grimes may not be someone in Blair Co, but to the rest of us,even down here in Ga, she absolutely ROCKS – and we all support her for her bravery in the face of corruption, as well as stupidity.

    No wonder Pa has the rep for being the least animal friendly state in the nation. If I lived in Blair County, I think I’d be moving. What a backward place to have to live a life, be it dog or human. Jeeez.

  113. Since the infamous ‘Judge” has said Tammy must do her community service for a people org…… how about her offering to do her 300 hours at the judge’s home educating her on animal cruelty.

    Although it probably wouldn’t do any good, it would make for a great ending to this horrific saga. Tammy could certainly teach Ms elizabeth something about the laws in this country.

    Blair Co makes me want to puke.

  114. Tammy should think about moving to Atlanta or any other ‘socialized’ city besides that hell hole she currently lives. I wouldn’t send my worst enemy to that county to live.

  115. They are probably making her pay that money so they can stop by the local 7-11 and pick up their beer and lottery tickets.

  116. It makes me angry! 300 for a good dead? the dog Owners should be responsible because Doogie was about to die! I don’t live in PA and i’m glad i don’t! I live in California. I noticed another thing in the video of doogie. You know the one on Dogs deserve better? There’s a white dog above tammy and doogie who isn’t chained. Is that another one of the arnolds dogs?

  117. It makes me angry! 300 for a good deed? the dog Owners should be responsible because Doogie was about to die! I don’t live in PA and i’m glad i don’t! I live in California. I noticed another thing in the video of doogie. You know the one on Dogs deserve better? There’s a white dog above tammy and doogie who isn’t chained. Is that another one of the arnolds dogs? I accidently said dead instead of deed sorry!

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