Macon Gas Chamber Torn Down!

The gas chamber at the Macon, GA Animal Control shelter was torn down Monday, April 13.  

Swings with the sledgehammer were sold for $10 for the benefit of the animals at the shelter.
Macon City Councilperson Nancy White, said, "Central Services & Macon Animal Control is poised to move forward with building modifications to end the gas chamber and switch to euthanasia by lethal injection. This represents a lot of selfless effort and sacrifice on the part of many volunteers in our community."

Please help support this shelter. Here is what is needed:

Table: 203-42DE  Omni Weight and Exam Table W/Waste

Roll Around Caddy: 2176 W/Tool Panel                                                                                      

Banked Cage System: 126W4

Plastc-Coated Removable Cage Floors   

4 Park Type Benches and Outside picnic table

2 plastic baby pools

Igloo Type Dog houses          


Leashes, Collars, Water Bowls, Towels (These are always needed)

Cage Dryer with Multi Cage Adapter Kit for Cage Dryer

Send items to Macon Animal Control, 1010 11th St, Macon, GA 31201
or call (478) 751-9200. Contact or for more information. 

Go here for more information on the bill pending in Georgia to close all animal gas chambers. 



2 thoughts on “Macon Gas Chamber Torn Down!”

  1. Congratulations. No state or country should have this practice. NO ANIMAL IS A THROWAWAY. This reminds me of the Holocaust but with animals, instead. It is just plain wrong!

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