Minnesota Chooses Education Over Breed Bans

Do you remember last year when there were rumblings last year that Rep. John Lesch would introduce a bill to ban 5 breeds of dogs and Rep. Dennis Ozment actually did introduce a bill that would have repealed Minnesota’s current ban on BSL, Minnesota Chpt. 347.51 Subd. 8,and also allowed local governments to recommend to a task force that certain dogs be declared potentially dangerous or dangerous based solely on breed?  

That was then. This is now.

Minnesota state Representatives John Lesch and Michael Paymar have introduced a bill that would require owners of all dogs declared potentially dangerous or dangerous to take and pass a 4 hours responsible dog ownership class.

The bill, H.F. 115, provides for development of a curriculum including a training manual, forms and tests. The plan is for the state Department of Public Safety to administer the program and hire a manager who must be a veterinarian with 3  years experience or 5 years training in an animal-related field. There would also be a facilitator who must have 5 years experience in dog training or educating the public about dog behavior.  Applicants for both positions would be subject to background checks and not eligible if they have been convicted of animal cruelty in any state.   

Animal control would notify the department of the identity of any owners of dogs declared dangerous or potentially dangerous. A database of such dogs and their owners would be maintained. The database would indicate whether the owner and taken and passed the test…..

Here is a copy of the bill.


Contact Minnesota state representatives and urge them to vote yes on H.F. 115 and choose education for dog owners over breed bans. 

4 thoughts on “Minnesota Chooses Education Over Breed Bans”

  1. leave our dogs alone they are sweet dogs ban gangs instead of our furry friends they didnt do anything to you

  2. I think it`s an excellent idea if it is not Breed Specific.
    If they are saying that only certain Breeds are “dangerous” or potentially “dangerous” then I think it`s nonsense.

    Owners create dangerous dogs and they come in ALL Breeds/types.
    I wrote this before I`ve read it so I`ll see if it`s Breed Specific.

  3. We need to ban BAD owners not “bad” breeds! Just because people are using these poor dogs to their horrible ways doesn’t mean the dog is vicious. I have a 3 year old German Shepard female and she is the sweetest most loyal dog I have ever had, she wouldn’t hurt a fly because I trained her right when she was a puppy. I work at a vet also and the best dog we have there is Pit Bull, when you walk in he starts singing (yes he sings ha) and then you sit down to clock in and he jumps in your lap and gives kisses and hugs, he will sit there for HOURS and straddle your lap and hold you.But in actuality these breeds are very loyal dogs and they just want their owners praise. If your mother or father told you to go beat up all the other kids bigger then you, and you did and they told you how wonderful you were and got you a new toy wouldn’t you keep doing it? So ban BAD owners NOT “bad” breeds!

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