New Mexico Gov. Signs Gas Chamber Ban

New Mexico Welcome sign Update April 7: Gov. Bill Richardson has made it official. H.B. 265 is now law in New Mexico.  CO gas chambers can no longer be used to kill dogs and cats in public shelters!

Gov. Richardson also signed into law a direct licensing bill that will allow public shelters to obtain drugs used for euthanasia directly instead of having to rely on a local veterinarian to obtain them. 

Check out other states considering bans on gas chambers! Join the fight to treat animals humanely.  

Original report: H.B. 265, a bill introduced by Rep. W. Ken Martinez, which previously passed the New Mexico House of Representatives by a vote of 62-3, has now been approved unanimously by the state Senate with a vote of 38-0.

The bill would ban use of gas chambers to euthanize dogs and cats. Currently, four localities, Portales, Tucumcari, Jal and Clovis use gas chambers. All other shelters use lethal injection.

The bill now goes to the House again for approval of Senate amendments which basically clarified that a supervising veterinarian is not required to be on the premises for a euthanasia and a euthanasia instructor need not be certified.