An overview of legal actions related to horse slaughter since 2012

Horses kissing

As part of their First Annual Equine Welfare Report, Equine Welfare Alliance and Animal Law Coalition included the following overview of recent legal and some legislative actions related to horse slaughter: [Read more…]

Report finds hope for US equine industry after prolonged decline


The Equine Welfare Alliance (EWA) with the assistance of the Animal Law Coalition has released the first Annual Equine Welfare Report. The report contains statistics and records obtained from federal and state agencies as well as breed registries. [Read more…]

Bill would authorize local control of wild horses and burros

wild horses

A proposed bill would give states and Native American tribes authority to manage wild horses and burros. If it becomes law, this bill could mean thousands of wild horses and burros are sent to slaughter. [Read more…]

Seattle City Council Refuses to Hear Appeal for Watoto

Elephants.waiting to see mayor

You may have heard about the growing debate involving the three elephants held at the Woodland Park Zoo. For decades, Watoto, Chai, and Bamboo have languished in a cramped, barren, antiquated exhibit that harms their physical and psychological health. Now the zoo intends to get rid of Watoto. On July 14, 2014 the Seattle City Council refused to hear supporters’ pleas to help save Watoto from being sent to another zoo or exhibit and instead allow her to retire to a sanctuary. [Read more…]

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