AVMA: Gas Chambers Not Recommended for “Routine Euthanasia” of Dogs and Cats

AVMA insigniaThough the fine print of the American Veterinary Medical Association’s current and past Euthanasia Reports contain strong evidence of the cruelty and danger of carbon monoxide gas chambers used to kill shelter animals, the AVMA has continued to insist such use of the medieval devices is "acceptable".

Until now.

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Call on Mayor, City Council to Retire Elephants

photo by elephantccby20wwwkewlwallpaperscom.jpg

The Zoo has two lobbyists. The elephants, Chai, Watoto, and Bamboo, whom the Zoo is holding in abysmal conditions, only have you.

Time for us to speak up for the elephants.

Please write to the Mayor and City Council. [Read more…]

Will NJ Ban Gestation Crates?

Farm Sanctuary (flickr)

A renewed effort is underway to pass a ban on use of gestation crates in New Jersey for pregnant pigs. A bill, S. 1921, sailed through the legislature with overwhelming support only to be vetoed by Gov. Chris Christie (R).
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Ohio’s Goddard’s Law

Goddard's Law dog

Goddard’s Law, H.B. 274, is named after Dick Goddard, a beloved weather anchor for WJW Channel 8 in Cleveland, Ohio. Many Ohioans see him as a hero willing to step up for the animals to strengthen Ohio’s weak animal welfare laws. [Read more…]

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