Sheriff Applauds Anti-Tethering Ordinance

Bibb County, Georgia has joined the anti-tethering movement!  The county council has unanimously adopted a ban on all tethering or chaining of dogs or cats when the owner is not present.  This includes tying the dog or cat to a pulley.  Yes!

Even if the owner is there, the animal cannot be tethered in "unsafe or unsanitary conditions" or allowed to become tangled in the tether or when the weather might cause harm to the animal.

 There must be sufficient room for the animal to urinate and defecate in an area separate from where he might eat, drink or lie down.  The animal must have access to "suitable, edible, and sufficient food" and "clean water (cool in summer and unfrozen in winter).

The tether must be at least 15 feet long with a swivel on both ends and attached to a well-fitted nylon or leather collar.

The county council also passed an ordinance making it illegal to transport dogs or cats in the back of pickup trucks unless they are in a crate or other enclosed container.

Fines for violations of these new laws range from $35 on the first offense to $100 for a fourth offense within a year.

Chief Deputy Sheriff David Davis commented, "We at the sheriff’s office are pleased that we now have this ordinance as a tool that we can use to prevent animals from being neglected and abused."