Spay/Neuter Education Becomes the Law in NV

Update June 2: This bill, AB 15, has now become law, after passing with overwhelming majorities in the Assembly (31-11) and the Senate (21-1).  

The bill passed without exemptions for a number of dogs that had been proposed by breeder groups.

For more, read Animal Law Coalition’s original report below

Original report: How could anyone including dog or cat breeders object to a bill that would require pet sellers to notify purchasers of local sterilization requirements? 

A pet store or dealer, for example, would be required under Nevada AB 15 to tell purchasers about any requirements for sterilization.

The bill would also require licensed veterinarians to post conspicuous notices of sterilization requirements. Local governments would be required to post these notices in public parks.

The idea is to encourage spay/neuter and compliance with any spay/neuter laws like the one in North Las Vegas

A retailer or dealer who fails to comply with the disclosure requirements is subject to an administrative fine imposed by the Director of the State Department of Agriculture in an amount not to exceed $250 for the first violation, $500 for the second violation and $1,000 for each subsequent violation.

Another provision would prohibit breeders from separating a dog or cat from its mother before 8 weeks of age unless the animal is still nursing, in which case there could be no separation until the dog or cat eats on its own. 

Breeders and hunters have used this bill to tack on a recent amendment that would exempt from local sterilization laws dogs used primarily for hunting, "drawing heavy loads", agricultural or farming purposes, and breeding; and service dogs.

Even so, the breeders oppose the bill.  Another bill that would limit and regulate certain breeders is also drawing fire.