Terra Haute Ordinance is Not Trying to Starve Cats

feral catThe Terre Haute, Indiana City Council has voted 7-1 to approve an ordinance implementing a trap neuter return program for feral cats.  The ordinance, however, has been touted in the media as a ban on feeding or caring for feral cats.

There is a ban on providing food, water and shelter to free roaming cats, meaning those that are "homeless, stray, wild or untamed"….unless they are part of a managed colony that is registered with the city.  The good news is that it will be free to register a colony.  To maintain a free roaming cat colony, a caregiver must humanely trap the cats, have them surgically sterilized, ear tipped and vaccinated against rabies, and then return them to the colony.  Any free roaming cat that is trapped or impounded can only be returned to a managed colony that has a registered caregiver.

Violations can mean a fine up to $300.

The idea is not to starve or kill cats but allow them to live as free roaming cats but part of a colony in which they receive proper care. The hope is TNR will reduce the numbers of free roaming cats.

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