USDA Allows Slaughterhouse to Re-Open Despite Abuse


Update Aug. 28, 2012: The USDA has allowed Central Valley Meat Co. (CVM) in Hanford, California to re-open just days after an undercover investigation by Compassion Over Killing, a farm animal welfare organization, exposed egregious animal abuse and suffering. According to the USDA, CVM has promised to take corrective measures including training of workers, better monitoring and more third party audits.

Animal Law Coalition will provide a copy of the alleged enforcement action when it becomes available. For more on this, read Animal Law Coalition’s report below and follow the link to the Compassion Over Killing website with details about the undercover operation.

Aug. 21, 2012: An undercover video, filmed by a Compassion Over Killing investigator, exposes rampant animal abuse and suffering inside Central Valley Meat Co. (CVM), a slaughterhouse in Hanford, California. CVM is a major supplier to the USDA’s National School Lunch Program and other federal food initiatives.

Like all federally inspected slaughterhouses, CVM is required to comply with federal animal welfare requirements as well as California’s animal protection laws. However, COK’s whistleblowing video uncovers acts of cruelty that appear to violate both state and federal laws.

To read about this undercover investigation and the USDA move to shut down the CVM slaughterhouse, go to Compassion Over Killing’s site here.