West Virginia Gov Approves Gas Chamber Ban

Dog going to gas chamber

June 7: West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin has now approved S.B. 501 which bans new CO gas chambers and restricts operation of existing ones.

A technical error in the bill that prompted a veto last month was corrected, paving the way for the governor to sign the bill.    

May 7: West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin has vetoed S.B. 501 which would have banned new CO gas chambers in animal shelters and placed restrictions on the continued operation of existing ones. 

The governor says the veto was prompted by a technical error in the bill and not a disagreement with the proposal to ban new CO gas chambers. 

As the bill advanced through the legislature, changes were made, but not reflected in the bill’s title. 

Gov. Manchin encouraged lawmakers to resubmit the bill in a special session later this  year.

One thought on “West Virginia Gov Approves Gas Chamber Ban”

  1. that is wanderful and great news. Now if we can just get it stopped in all states. That would be much much better. No animal should have to go through a gas chamber. that is a horrible death and cruel. We don’t even use it on humans,so it should of never been allowed on any animal no matter size or age. I am so glad to see that some of the states are ending this.

    Now lets get all states to stop it……………

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