Call on Mayor, City Council to Retire Elephants

photo by elephantccby20wwwkewlwallpaperscom.jpg
photo by elephantccby20wwwkewlwallpaperscom.jpg
Last week Seattle voters approved Proposition 1 which establishes the Metropolitan Parks District that will be managed by the City Council. The district is a taxing district that can increase property taxes without voter approval. The funds will benefit local parks including Woodland Park Zoo. The Zoo now stands to receive $2 million additional dollars each year (up to $34 million) — maybe more.

From the Seattle Times’ latest Editorial: ” . . . Or is the money going to public-private ventures such as the Woodland Park Zoo, the Seattle Aquarium or the planned waterfront park? The council gets to decide.”

The Zoo has two lobbyists. The elephants, Chai, Watoto, and Bamboo, whom the Zoo is holding in abysmal conditions, only have you.

Time for us to speak up for the elephants.

Please write to the Mayor and City Council. We were told that the Council and Mayor count the number of emails they receive for each issue. If you only write one line, IT COUNTS.,,,,,,,,,

Talking points:

· No more additional money should come from the City until the Zoo releases the elephants to a sanctuary.
· The Zoo spends upwards of a million dollars a year keeping elephants in a pathetic environment. Why are they spending our tax
dollars causing these magnificent animals to suffer?
· Why are we taking precious tax dollars away from parks when the Zoo can save a million dollars by retiring the elephants?
· The City Council and Mayor need to represent the will of the people and retire the elephants to a sanctuary.

For more information…..

Also, please volunteer/donate to support the efforts of Friends of Woodland Park Zoo Elephants.

Support Community Coalition for Elephant Retirement! These organizations are leading the fight to save Watoto, Chai and Bamboo from the terrible conditions they suffer at Woodland Park Zoo.