Journal of the American Medical Association Study: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Can Cause Heart Damage

A recent study suggests carbon monoxide poisoning is harmful in ways no one suspected until now.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can result from exposure to the gas in a confined space such as operation of an animal gas chamber.

Carbon monoxide causes light-headedness and nausea and even unconsciousness.

Significantly, according to a recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, severe poisoning can also damage the heart.

Researchers looked at 230 patients with moderate to severe carbon monoxide poisoning.

Nearly 40% of patients had heart damage related to the carbon monoxide poisoning.

Of those patients with heart damage, significantly more, 38% died within 7½ years after their poisoning. They mostly died from heart conditions. Of those with no heart damage, only 15 percent died in the same time period.

The point, according to researchers, is that carbon monoxide poisoning has effects in the future that may not be anticipated at the time of the exposure.

People may not even realize they are suffering exposure to this gas. It is very deadly. JAMA researchers recommended avoiding carbon monoxide gas altogether.

Isn’t it time we stopped exposing shelter workers to this deadly gas? It’s time to end the use of animal gas chambers.

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