Macon, Georgia City Council Bans Tethering!

Chained dog  Update February 20, 2008: The Macon, Georgia city council voted last night to ban tethering of dogs and cats.  During a hearing on the issue, the council chamber was filled with animal welfare activists protesting the cruelty of tethering or chaining dogs. 

The council decided to amend the proposed ordinance’s time limits on tethering  -  no more than 8 continuous hours and no more than 12 hours altogether in a 24 hour period – to a ban on leaving dogs and cats unattended while tethered or chained. Even better!

The council approved the other requirements set out below.

Good news for the animals!

Original report: Macon, Georgia is considering an ordinance to limit tethering of dogs. 

The ordinance would prohibit tethering dogs for more than 8 continuous hours and no more than 12 hours altogether in a 24 hour period.

All tethers would be required to be 15 feet long at least with swivels at each end and attached to a properly fitting harness or collar. The dog must have sufficient room to eat or lie down in an area separate from his waste. The area where the dog is tethered must be sanitary, and the dog must have access to sufficient, edible food, clean water and appropriate shelter. 

The ordinance would also prohibit owners from riding around with dogs or cats loose in the back of pickup trucks.  Under the proposal dogs or cats carried in the back of a pick up must be placed inside a secure container.   

Click here to sign the petition to support this ordinance!  There is not much time. The city council plans to consider this ordinance tomorrow at a hearing at 4:00 p.m. EST at 700 Poplar Street, Macon, Georgia 31202; Phone: 478-751-7260. Please attend if you can!

Click here to find council members, and write or call each one and urge them to support this limit on tethering and proposal for safe transportation. You can also contact council members here.  Click here to contact Mayor Robert Reichert and urge him to support these important ordinances.  Talking Points

Click here for a copy of the proposed ordinance.