NC Gas Chamber Legislation is Dead for this Session

Dumping animals killed in gas chamber

Update: The pro-gassing bill, H.B. 27, was defeated in Committee today. That bill is now dead. Davie’s Law, H.B. 6/S.B. 199 is also dead.

Despite their promises during their election campaigns last year, neither Gov. Perdue nor Sen. David Hoyle said a word in support of Davie’s Law or any gas chamber ban.   

For more read Animal Law Coalition’s earlier report below.   

Original report: Call Governor Beverly Perdue and North Carolina state Senator David Hoyle and urge them that now is the time to make good on their campaign promises to end gas chambers in North Carolina animal shelters. 

Here is a statement Gov. Perdue issued when she was a candidate for governor last year:

"As governor, Bev will work to ensure that animal shelters across the state use injection as the only method of euthanasia and will support legislation requiring its use and prohibiting other methods.  It is the only way to guarantee that animals and shelter workers are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve." Sept. 2008 statement on treatment of animals

Sen. David Hoyle also promised animal welfare advocates an end to the gas chambers.  As one supporter put it, "Sen. Hoyle knew what he was getting into. He even knew that Gaston Commissioners were in opposition.  He needed the animal community support during his re-election campaign & promised to do this for us."

Sen. Hoyle agreed to sponsor Davie’s Law, a bill that would end the use of carbon monoxide gas chambers and other cruel methods of killing shelter animals. But but after he introduced the bill in the state senate as S.B. 199, has done absolutely nothing to pursue it. The bill has languished in the Senate where it actually has the best chance for passage.   

Did Sen. Hoyle sponsor this bill simply so that he could make sure it didn’t pass?

In the meantime HB 27, a pro-gas chamber bill has passed a House legislative committee. 

Go here for information about Davie’s Law, S.B. 199 that would ban gas chambers and other cruel methods of killing in North Carolina and where you can write or call North Carolina legislators to urge them to pass this bill.

Go here to listen to WFL Endangered Stream Live Talk Radio and hear about gas chambers from Peter MacQueen, president of the Eastern North Carolina Humane Society 

NC Coalition for Humane Euthanasia · American Humane Association · Animal Law Coalition · Wake Coalition for Animals


12 thoughts on “NC Gas Chamber Legislation is Dead for this Session”

  1. Where is Man”KIND” ??? Where is KINDNESS?

    Even a Convicted Criminal on death row knows that his death will be humane — by lethal injection.

    These unwanted, unloved, yet LOYAL AND LOVING animals DID NO WRONG and yet they are subjected to a HORRIFIC death by gas chamber — Why Why Why???

  2. A number of us have tried to improve rescue and shelter operations in NC for years. Banning the gas chamber is so important. I have written to both the senator and governor and sent a wav that we used here in MN to get the gas chamber banned from our inhumane “Animal Humane Society.” The wav is disturbing and lets people hear the animals while they were being gassed. I hope they ban this prehistoric activity soon because it’s terribly disturbing.

  3. Any and all legislation allowing the practice of gassing animals in completely inhumane. These are loving, caring animals that did nothing wrong except to be born. They deserve every opportunity for a life and every effort should be made to find these animals loving, caring, safe homes. I belong to The Humane Society of the United States, the ASPCA, animal guardian of ASPCA, and monthly supporter of North Shore Animal League America where I give money to help with medical costs for animals with health issues that either still live ant the North Shore Animal League or are adopted out and are now in loving homes. There is no love sweeter than the love than you get from an animal. When they love, it is unconditional–with no strings attached. People have a lot to learn about what love really is and the best teachers are our animals. I have now have 3 wonderful, awesome cats–at one time there were 5 (but 2 went on to Rainbow Bridge many year ago). 4 out of 5 came from shelters. I commend every NO-KILL animal shelter. I am originally from New York State and I am proud to know that New York State has turned down any legislation that would legalize gas chambers for animals. I now have lived in North Carolina for almost 13 years and I am ashamed to say that I live in a state that would allow such treatment of gassing of animals to be legalized here. It reminds me of the Holocaust in Hitler’s Germany. This country has given better treatment to the taliban detainees than we give to these innoncent animals and the taliban detainees are mass murderers!! NO ANIMAL IS A THROWAWAY! Jesus even said in the New Testament–“When you give unto the least of these, you give unto me.” Well, who wouldn’t be considered “the least of these” if not these precious animals. Anyone that supports this bill, all I can say is, I don’t know how you can look at yourself in the mirror and I just don’t know how you can live with yourself at all! Have a conscience and do the right thing. A civilization is judged by the way it treats its animals. Think about it and know that the Good God above who watches over all of us is watching over you and what you do and say and what you fail to do and say. Stand up for the rights of these animals–their rights to live.

  4. Lets put the ENTIRE STATE of NC in to the GASCHAMBER and see how the like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    What have these helpless Animals ever done to you to deserve Death???????????????????????????????????????????????
    the have the same Right as you and me to be on Gods Earth,Who gave you the right to take the live of those helpless Animals?







  6. Please. This is not a humane way to die. I rescued a pup from NC and she is now a wonderful therapy dog.
    She happened to be wandering on the streets dehydrated and weak from malnutrition.
    Wouldn’t it be better to fine and stop abuse by holding the adults in the state accountable rather than the poor animals who only want a chance? It’s time to step up and do the right thing, not the easiest thing.

  7. And now people are trying to outlaw lethal injection! You people have no common sense, how would you like shelters to euthanize all the unwanted animals?? Oh I know, let them all run free. Maybe then they will bite you and then what are you going to DO!

  8. And now people are trying to outlaw lethal injection! You people have no common sense, how would you like shelters to euthanize all the unwanted animals?? Oh I know, let them all run free. Maybe then they will bite you and then what are you going to DO!

  9. OH Jeri, how right you are. Please feel proud of yourself! You hit the nail on the head. SEND MONEY! SEND MONEY! that is what it is all about! The Animal rights want more money! IF you are so ashamed of NC, I suggest you pack your stuff and go back. If you did not notice the road that brought your intellagent self down south also has a lane traveling back north!
    You must be a woman who has not given birth to a “human Child”, THAT IS THE SWEETEST LOVE on THE FACE OF THE EARTH” I feel sorry for the fact that you do not recieve that. YOu are surely an unloved person!

  10. I am very much a loved person. What I am, however, is a now disabled person who once taught in the public schools for 19 years. I have 2 human children that are both adults. I am unable to go back north due to the fact that the harsh winters up there are not good for my health and the cost of living is more than I can handle. Since my post, I lost 2 of my beloved cats–Zion (my Maine Coon and only pure bred on March 15, 2010) and Jesse ( on March 25, 2010 who was almost 13 years old and was gotten as a kitten from a shelter). I have grieved for these 2 boys every day–not a day went by that I didn’t cry for them. My 12 year old was still with me–she as sweet as ever was such a comfort while she also grieved for her “brothers”. I recently returned to the shelter where I previously adopted 2 of my cats and the end of July 2010 was fortunate to have the opportunity to adopt 2 precious little kittens who will both be 6 months old very soon. I am still disabled and money is soooo tight with the economy the way that it is but having these 2 new little ones along with my 12 year old sweet girl cat (gotten from a shelter when she was 10 weeks old) make me feel like the riches person on earth. What I get from them is priceless–no amount of money could pay for what they all give me.

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