NY Gov Signs Bill to Keep Pets Away from Dangerous Dryers

Update July 19, 2012: Yesterday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed this bill to prohibit use for animals of cage or box dryers with the heating element turned on. For more on this bill, read Animal Law Coalition’s reports below.

Update June 21, 2012: A. 7502A/S. 5702A passed the Senate and is now on its way to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for his signature! The bill would prohibit the use for animals of care or box dryers when the heating element is on.  

Original report: New York bill, A.B. 7502A/S.B. 5702, unanimously passed the Assembly and is now pending in the state senate. 

This bill, sponsored by Assembly Member Amy Paulin and Sen. Jeffrey Klein, would prohibit use of cage or box dryers for animals with the heating element turned on.

Cage or box dryers are typically used in pet grooming facilities; they have a heating element, and the groomer will place an animal in or near the dryer to dry after they have bathed and groomed them. The heating elements are turned on and the animal is left to dry while the groomer typically attends to other animals or does something else. All too often, the equipment can malfunction – they can overheat, the settings may not work properly and the temperature may be uneven or higher than indicated, the timer can fail to work. Or, the groomer may not use the equipment properly. The result is terrible suffering for someone’s pet with severe injury or death. 

There are thousands of pet owners in New York that take their pets to grooming facilities. These consumers are generally unaware of the danger to their pets from cage or box dryers.

There is no reason to risk the lives of animals in this way. It is a simple fix to require that these cage or box dryers be used only if there is no heating element or the heating element is turned off.  A 7502/S 5702 does just that.

A violation would mean a civil penalty between $250-$500.

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Find your New York state senator here and write (faxes or letters are best) or call him or her and urge your state senator to vote YES to A.B. 7502A/S.B. 5702. There is not much time left in the session this year for a vote; please contact your state senator now.

If you don’t live in New York, please send this link to people you know there.