Oregon Bans Exotic Animals as Pets

CrocodileOregon has explicitly banned ownership of certain exotic animals. Gov. Ted Kulongoski has signed this ban, S.B. 391, into law.

In addition to all primates, bears, wolves, non-indigenous non-wolves except domestic dogs, big cats (lions, tigers, cougars, jaguars, leopards, lynxes, ocelots, cheetahs, etc), people will also not be allowed to own crocodiles or alligators.

Currently held exotic animals can remain with their owners pursuant to a permit, but no breeding will be allowed except for certain exotic small cats under certain conditions. 

Exotics cannot be sold to anyone in the state except those exempt from the new law: those with disabilities who have authorized service monkeys, zoos and permitted exhibition operations, research facilities, law enforcement, animal protection organizations acting at the request of law enforcement, veterinary clinics, some educational uses, and wildlife sanctuaries and rehabilitation centers.  

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